Seeds of Prosperity

June 14, 2014

It starts with a seed. In appropriate conditions it sprouts through the earth to become a sapling, and in time, with careful nurturing it turns into a majestic tree. Very similar is the life cycle of a habit.

The first step to successfully grow any plant is to sow the seed in the right season. If sown out of season, there is no future for the seed but to become food for the insects. Similarly, for a habit to become an integral part of a person’s life, it is essential to sow the seed of that habit at the right time. When the person is a child, at a stage when the mind and body is developing. The reason why people have stopped teaching children some habits at a young age is because they think that there is a lot of time for that, and the child is too small to understand its meaning. In my opinion, that is the wrong way to go about doing things, not that I have experience of raising a child, but realize that the habits that were instilled in me as a child, are now starting to make sense to me, and I appreciate the fact that I was taught those things at a young age.

I would like to focus my attention on a particular habit, Namaaz (prayer). The best gift a parent can give to his/her child is the habit of Namaaz. When I was growing up, all I was told about praying was that it was a duty bestowed upon us by Allah and that if we didn’t pray we would be held accountable for it. In time, I realised that it was something much more than that.  Namaaz is a tool, a defense mechanism, a cure, and a therapy for our physical, emotional and spiritual states. Even if it’s done in its most basic form, it provides us with powers that we are unaware of.  I’m not talking about immortality or anything, but about the amplification of one’s strengths and abilities. Most importantly, Namaaz is the charging of the soul. A fully charged soul leads to a content heart, and a content heart leads to gratitude, which in turn leads to inner peace, happiness and tranquility. Isn’t that what we all are looking for, but in the wrong places.

The quality of the societies we are living in are deteriorating drastically, and our future generations are in for some pretty difficult times, no matter how advanced the technology will be, there will be a lot of vices out there trying to engulf them and devour them whole! Sounds creepy? It is! It boggles me to bits, how they will be able to get through such difficult times! But then I realize that if equipped with the correct items at the correct time, it will be quite possible. It’s like making a time capsule that ejects the  appropriate items at the appropriate times.

So for all you new parents out there, or parents to be, don’t wait around to teach your children things. The best age to learn is when they are little, and trust me, as difficult as it might seem, and as much as they might hate it, they’ll grow up to appreciate it. I speak from my own experience, and am immensely grateful to my parents for having brought me up the way they did. Your children deserve it, and they need it.

To all you mother’s out there of those newly born’s and all the non-mothers (who will eventually, and hopefully become mothers), you’ve been blessed with a very high status in Islam, something as big as Paradise, is beneath your feet, and the blessing of being closer to your children than your husbands, you’ve got to become a certain kind of person for your children to idealize you. Working on your Deen now, means that your children will most definitely watch you and become like you. Do you realise the sort of impact that has not only on you but the future of the Muslim Ummah? It’s difficult, especially with Satan on our case all the time, however, you’ve got to make the effort, because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

This doesn’t mean that the fathers, and non-fathers can do what they please. Without a strong Deen, they and their families are in danger from every thing around them. Our responsibilty is to guide and lead the ladies and children of the Ummah towards success, success of this life and the next. We are their torch bearers, and we must not let that torch burn out, because in this age of extreme darkness, without light, we’re doomed!

It’s a team effort, attaining prosperity, and in a united family lies the betterment of society as a whole! May we all live a life according to our Deen, not only for our selves but for the generations to come!


Healthy Rebellion

June 10, 2014

As time passes, things evolve, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The evolution of the thought patterns of society is what has the greatest impact on the future of the planet and every individual on it. What once use to be totally acceptable, is an outrageous thought today. What once was an outrageous thought is totally acceptable today. But does it have to be this way. Do you and I have to let these newly formed norms dictate what our life should be like. No! Sounds pretty rebellious doesn’t it, it is! But are you going to sit around worrying about what people might say or think? Do you have that sort of time? Or do you think you’ll get another chance  to relive a life the way you want to?

“Break the rules, not the law but the rules” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Risk” has been replaced by “realistic”, “passion” has been replaced by “practical” and “ambition” has been replaced by “playing it safe”. What seems very realistic today is only because of a risk someone took, long ago. What seems very practical today, is the result of a passionate soul, who didn’t hesitate to live his dreams. And that thing you’re playing it safe with, is only because someone ambition enough made it a point to prove wrong those who thought it’s impossible. So if you’re being realistic, practical and playing things safe, you’re putting a full-stop to a better tomorrow.

Don’t we all want to be great? Do something in this world that people will remember us by? We do! But we’re not going to get there until we don’t rewrite a few definitions in our hand-books. We think we’re so strong, so confident, and ever so fearless, but when it comes to doing something people might not accept, we turn our heads, we hesitate to even think about it, too ashamed of something that we haven’t even done yet. The worst thing we can do when starting something new is making presumptions about what the pessimists might say. No matter what you do, a pessimist will never think you’ll succeed, so make sure you’ve chosen the correct audience in your head before getting to any sort of conclusions. Who’s the best audience you ask? You! If it is what makes your heart beat an extra beat, then go for it, because every beat counts, and you’ve got those extra beats with you!

What ever happened to quotes like, “money doesn’t buy happiness” and “chase your dreams and money will follow”? When we see someone with a lot of money but a wrecked life, or someone so “ambitious” that he seems to be chasing money all the time neglecting his family, we happily use such quotes but when it comes to someone making  outrageous decisions to do what he’s passionate about, he’s being mad, he’s being unrealistic, how will he take care of his bills! All this does, is instill fear in someone who might be the next Steve Jobs, or  any other famous person that comes to your mind, which leads to loss, not only to the individual but society as a whole. If you set out to do something that’s going to change the world, you sure as hell don’t have the time to think of how you’ll pay you’re bills, however, I’m pretty sure if you’re that crazy, as people say you are, you’re probably going to get those bills paid some way or the other, because your idea is going to get you places, no one can even imagine.

It’s great to take advice from people, and that too from sensible people (not pessimists), but don’t let their advice cloud your judgement, if anything, the best place to look for help is on the prayer mat, where you can consult your idea no matter how absurd it might sound, even to you, with He who can make things work for you, as impossible as they may seem. After that, all you need to do is, DO IT!

“What ever you do, don’t look back/down”, is a quote you hear a lot in movies in which the success of a mission lies in blinding ones team from fears which may cause them to panic, and eventually fail/fall/die. This technique is as applicable to our lives as it is in those scenes, after all they’ve been taken from reality.  Whether you are an engineer today and have what it takes to become an artist or vice verse, there is nothing that stands in the way of passion. Passion knows no bounds, and is independent of prior experience or qualifications.

You’ve read this or heard this a dozen times before, that the right time for taking the first step towards your goals is now, not tomorrow or the day after, but at this very moment, but it’s okay if you can’t, right away, but just remember, if you’re putting it off just to forget about it then trust me, the feeling of regret will come around, and when it does, it will eat away at you, and there will be no one to blame except  yourself, because it was you who was afraid to stand up against the flow!

Living Dead

April 9, 2014


Connected, yet so disconnected. Disconnected from my emotions! Emotions that make me feel for other human beings, whether related or unrelated. Social media, smart phones, laptops, WiFi, GPRS and what not, yet I do not worry for those I am connected to. The easier it has become to communicate, the harder it has become to stay in touch. This is the irony of the so-called developed civilization we live in.

“How will you go to work today, there has been a bomb-blast on the route to your office!”, my father said. “Oh darn, I’ll have to take the long, rushy route to work today!” I thought to myself, and suddenly it struck me! I was so very disgusted with my sheer selfishness, inhumanity, numbness, that I felt as if I were someone else. What have I become, am I even alive? People have died! People are hurt! Families have been shattered! And my concern is the route to work! I am as good as dead to society, if this is what my priorities are!

One might argue that we can’t worry about these things, they happen all the time, and if we do start worrying we’ll fall sick, emotionally and mentally. But is there nothing we can do, even if it takes a few moments of our so-called busy schedules? Can we not pray for those who have lost their lives, for those who have lost a family member, for those who have lost a limb? Will praying for them make us sick in any way?

It’s when one stops caring, that life becomes so difficult to live! The hardest way to live is to live for one’s self. Start living for others and your life will take care of itself. Caring doesn’t only mean going out-of-the-way to help someone, even having a feeling of grief, murmuring a small prayer, is enough to keep that heart beating.

Just because it has become a regular feature, it doesn’t, in any way make it acceptable. Yes, death is inevitable, but those that are caused by monsters that live amongst us, need to be condemned, even if they happen everyday, everywhere! It is only then that we will feel the need to stand up against these monsters, and show them what they’ve become. It is possible to turn a heart towards the right path, up till one’s last breath. A dead heart can be brought back to life! A man who is blind to all the chaos he is creating in this world can be given a new pair of eyes, those that see life as a blessing, and not as a commodity that can be disposed at will.


May Allah (SWT) grant all those who have lost their lives to these atrocities, the best place in Jannah (Paradise)! May He give their families the strength and patience to cope with their loss. And may He turn the hearts of those who have  lost their way. Ameen!



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April 9, 2014

A man died today!

He belonged to this world…

Well, people die all the time

It’s natural.

And it’s not like I knew him.


A man died today!

He was an Asian…

Well, what do you expect

It’s the third-world,

Ridden with disease and unrest

And it’s not like I knew him.


A man died today!

He was a Pakistani…

Well, they are fighting a “war on terror”

People die in wars

That’s just the way it works

And it’s not like I knew him.


A man died today!

He lived in Islamabad…

Well, its smack in the center of a war-zone!

Have you seen the amount of road-blocks there?

And it’s not like I knew him.


A man died today!

You knew him!




November 7, 2013


1.Of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad;barely adequate.

2. Not satisfactory; poor; inferior

These are some of the well-known definitions of the word. But I oppose to its use when it comes to Allah’s creations, humans, in particular. There is no such thing as mediocre in Allah’s majestic universe. If it’s been created by Him, mediocrity doesn’t even lurk near it. Allah, in His infinite magnificence, has gifted each an every one of us with uniqueness. I’m not referring to your finger prints or any physical uniqueness, that is obvious to all of us, however, I’d like to touch upon an aspect of our uniqueness that we usually don’t even know about.

I believe that each and every individual in this universe, that lived, lives, and will live, has one thing unique about him, that no one else, had, has, or will ever have. That uniqueness is what make you, you and me, me! There is some act I am able to do, that no one else can do as good as I can. And that is what I was sent down on this earth to do, apart from my obligations towards my Lord, to worship Him. Something that is to leave a mark on this planet, to show that I, Ghazi Aitizaz, or anyone else for that matter, was sent to earth to do his or her share in making the planet a better place. What is this uniqueness, you ask? Well it can be anything, something as insignificant in people’s eyes as sweeping the street, to something as great as heading a government. It is the way you are able to perform a certain act, with the tools you have been bestowed with (i.e. eyes, ears, hands, tongue, etc.) that in turn puts smiles on people’s faces. Yes, that’s right, the measure of how well you’ve done that act is measured by the number of faces you’ve put smiles on. It all comes down to spreading happiness in the world. Isn’t that what we all are looking for anyways? So yeah, in my opinion, counting smiles is more important than those bills going into your pocket. And believe me, the more smiles you receive, the less you will care about those bills. But miraculously, the value of those bills will skyrocket.

While you are busy putting smiles on other people’s faces, guess who’s going to be doing that for you? Allah! You have put His gifts to proper use, you have shown your gratitude for His blessings by using them the way He expected you to use them.

So from today, I am going to redefine MEDIOCRE in my dictionary, for me a mediocre person is he who has not yet identified what makes him unique, what makes him, him! I’ve always wondered what we have been sent to this universe to do, apart from worshiping Allah, because if that were all we were suppose to do, then we might as well be angels, but there is a reason why we’ve been given the ability to choose! With this power of choice we are to suppose to find that thing that is hidden within each and every one of us, and use it to do our part. So start looking, and I’ll do the same. There might be some lucky people out there who have already found it and are busy playing their part, they are surely those who are the successful ones. There are those who go to the depths of the oceans to discover Allah’s greatness, and those who climb the highest mountains. But there is also another way to discover Allah’s greatness! Swim to the depths of your heart, climb the highest point of your brain, and you will find that the vastness of the universe does not only exist outside of us but there exists one as vast, within us.

I’m Busy

October 23, 2013

Wake up, get dressed, go to work, work, go for some exercise, come home, watch some TV,go to sleep, and repeat! This is the summarized story of the lives of many. With some addition or subtraction here and there. This is the definition of busy lives, these days. But wait, isn’t this the same if not much less of the work those in the past used to do? But in that hustling and bustling life of theirs, they took out an ink pot, and a quill, and wrote letters to loved ones. They spent hours producing perfect letters which spoke their heart. And those receiving them took out time to read those wonderfully written letters, not once, but again and again! This is the so-called “Age of communication”, and we are days away from things like holographic phones, and even teleportation, if things keep moving at the speeds they are. But with this rapid advancement in communication technologies, the human has developed reclusive habits. Why, you ask? Well priorities have changed, greed has trickled in to our way of life. The vice that was a part of the ruling class of the past, has now become the doing of the common man as well. This greed, is a veil, which makes us forget everyone around us. We start to pretend as if the world will stop spinning if we slow down a notch. Like hamsters running in a wheel, we are chasing after things that are further from our reach than we think. But people cover up this rat race with words like, “success”, “determination”, “motivation”. We are unaware of the destruction we are causing in society by becoming the way we are, introverts. Staring into these screens, whether they are on our desks, or in our hands. We continue being hypnotized by these screens! At dinner parties, at weddings, at funerals, there are people just too busy to get their eyes off their cell phones. From rude, to a very acceptable act, this distraction from physical socialization, is killing us! A bit melodramatic, but it strikes you when you see old friends meeting up after a long time, only to find that five minutes down the conversation, almost everyone has gone silent, and started looking down in their laps, with a glow on their face. I’m pretty sure, many people, might think I’m old school, getting aggravated at this boom in technology. But I’m also pretty sure, they are too busy, to even read what I’m writing, so I won’t bother worrying about what they have to say. As they say, there are pro’s and con’s to everything, we can’t have one without the other, however, the negative impact it’s having on us is just daunting! We need to control our machines, not let the machines control us, because if we don’t. the fiction of machines taking over the world, will soon become a reality. We have lost a lot of great things, feelings, emotions, because of how we’ve let technology affect us. Just the other day, I started an email thread with a teacher from my school. And after we exchanged a few emails, it struck me, that this is so much fun. Writing emails is so much fun! Sharing a bigger slice of cake from your life with someone, rather than just crumbs (in the form of small text messages), is more fulfilling. You send an email, and then anxiously wait for a response, and then are happy to see an email in your inbox which you are actually going to read, and then send another slice of cake their way! It’s a small form of happiness, yet it makes you actually put a little thought into your words, instead of the common jabber, jabber, jabber! I am all for technology, it has brought a lot of ease into our lives, if it weren’t for technology, you probably would have never read what I wrote. But, today I am going to make myself a promise, I will not tend to my phone (unless there is a phone call that could be a probable emergency) when I am meeting someone face to face, whether there is a message or a Facebook notification, if there is something that important, that person will call, otherwise I am pretty sure he or she can wait for my response. I know this is going to be pretty hard for most people because it’s become an addiction for them to fiddle with their phones, but we should try! Try to bring back the actual term “socializing” into our way of life. And trust me, the world will definitely keep spinning no matter what!

Today, I am going to look inside my heart, sit quietly and listen to it, and then try to give it my best shot to write down what it says. Although, there is no way to do complete justice to it through words. In fact, it is a combination of words, and actions that together speak what the heart has to say.

The heart is like a processor of a computer, having connections to all other components including the brain, and like the processor, it is in control of everything. A little hang up in the processor and even the brain starts giving unexpected results. Made up of delicate nerves, it responds to the slightest of interrupts. Trying to keep up with all sorts of tasks, it starts to wear out, but does not give up, until it completely becomes incapable of handling any more pressure against its delicate nerves.

It says, it is not only responsible for the mechanical function of the body, but also handles emotional exceptions. Have you ever felt that pain in the heart when you are depressed, that gnawing feeling as if something is trying to make its way out? Well, it’s the processor, overclocking in order to handle the blow on the emotional system it has just encountered. Since, there are also other higher priority interrupts to handle, this task takes its time to be serviced. But like a memory leeching virus, it starts to take up resources, especially that of the brain and hence, clouds judgments, gives migraines, and distracts you from thinking about all other things in life.

It says, it dedicates cores to special tasks, those which are solely created by relationships, careers, passions and other such, processor critical tasks. As one gets closer to a person, career, or passion, the heart, having continuously serviced a certain task time and time again, eventually dedicates a portion to it. This is when the heart actually becomes vulnerable to physical damage due to emotional set backs. Any emotional set back that occurs in one of these cores, extremely weakens the nerves or that portion of the heart. Hence, that pinching feeling.

It says, it has a special sector that is untappable, by anyone, except, Allah. That sector, or core, is a processor that requires certain actions to keep it fueled up. And if those actions are not performed that processor starts to shut down. I am not only talking about saying your prayers, or fasting, but also to the conscious effort to think about Him! Ponder over his creation, and synchronize the clocks of the other cores to that of the special one. Once in sync, the heart becomes unbreakable. It takes up the testudo formation (famous roman war formation,, and in this formation it is protected from all angles and all sorts of attacks.

Testudo Formation

It says, it is strong, at the same time very delicate, it is a master piece! An entire life of beating and getting beaten, it stands strong, to keep you going!

And with every beat it says, glory be to my Master, Allah!


The above article is solely a creation of my own, my thoughts. It is no representation of any scientific research, or religious teaching.

Just Human

September 2, 2013

A human being has the capacity to do great things, achieve extreme feats, and be amazing. However, there is a limitation. He is human! Limited to his natural instincts. He might try fighting them, and try not to let them take control. At times he is successful in suppressing these instincts, but a time comes, when he is unable to hold them back, and he collapse in front of his human self.

This facade he puts up for the world is deceiving, and people’s expectations have been raised to a level that can not be maintained forever, making them forget that he has a weak human self inside of him. A being which has its needs and requirements. Having neglected it, pushed it deep inside of himself, he too does not recognize it. Once it makes its way out, this humanness, he too is in a state of shock, and let down.

Balance! It’s all about balance. Living in such a way that can be maintained, whether he is young and full of valor, or old and weak at heart. This goes for all physical, emotional, and most importantly spiritual activities! That doesn’t mean, that he shouldn’t push himself, to an extreme, sometimes, I repeat, sometimes, its necessary, but shouldn’t be habitual. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always advised his companions to take the middle path, to do as much as humanly possible and sustainable. The companions were such that, if they would start a good deed, they would continue it till their last breath, it became a part of them, hence, choosing the middle path was the best!

Being human, it’s a reality for him, whether he accepts it or not. So he might as well pamper it every now and then. Learn to coexist so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle, instead of one which is a constant struggle. It’s peace that he is looking for, and in this state of struggle, he is in distress. A blur vision, a muffled hearing, and a coarse voice, becomes the state of his senses. His emotions start to fluctuate and he is unaware of how to deal with them, it’s all new to him, and in this unstable state, he falters!

He has sinned, or at least that is what the world thinks, as it’s the first time they have seen him act in such a way. It’s not completely their fault for feeling this way, it’s his own fault for having fooled them, and himself for that matter. Up there, from above, Allah is looking down at His creation, loving him for being human, yet he is hating himself for it!

On his knees, hopeless, he puts his head to the ground and turns to Him, knowing that there is no one else to turn to, with a broken heart he prays! It is in this state when he is closest to his Creator. Moments pass, and the prayer is answered! For him, Allah has sent a special gift. A package, that not only accepts his humanness but also becomes a source of comfort.

Is this the end of the road for him and his struggle to live with his human self? No, it has just begun. He has just realized that it’s going to be a long strenuous journey, but one worth living! His fuel for this journey, he found as he put his head to the ground! Prayer, turning to Allah alone, is what will get him to places! He shall succeed, no matter how many barriers confront him, no matter how many heart breaks he faces, he has the best Cardiologist on his side, who can mend the most crushed of hearts, so there is no more worrying for him.

He is HUMAN! He is Allah’s HUMAN!

The House of Islam

July 22, 2013

A house consists of four main components; a foundation (the base and pillars), a roof, walls, and doors (hopefully you like the sun, so windows too). Without any one of these components, the house is either unsafe or in some cases unlivable. Once the main components are in place, you fill the house with furniture and decorations so as to make it warm and welcoming. Not only do you decorate and embellish it from the inside, you do the same to the outside.


Now imagine a house without pillars. It will look like a house, but what will happen if there is a storm? Will it survive the fierce winds? With nothing to hold it in place it will probably collapse within no time. Now how about the other way around. There is a house with no walls or roof, and obviously without walls there won’t be place for doors or windows. Would that structure, of several pillars standing around, look like a house, or just something unfinished or in ruins?

Palmyra 006 _01

Imagine that you are standing between pillars and the wind starts to blow, and you are covered with dust. Then it starts to rain, just for a bit, and the dust turns to mud on your skin, then the scorching sun comes out and dries that mud on your skin. Your skin will look like land that has been in drought for a very long time. Were the pillars enough to keep you safe from becoming what you have, a clay statue, with cracks all over.

Shada, Salah, Saum, Zakat, and Hajj are the pillars of Islam. Most of us spend our entire lives erecting these pillars and then stopping there. We have not bothered placing a roof above our heads, or walls around us to keep us safe from people’s criticism, and the misguidance of false scholars. We do not place furniture or decorations in our home, for others to see how warm and welcoming Islam is. We make it look as cold as a graveyard in snowy winter night.

What are the walls and roof made of, you ask? They are made of the essence of Islam that we have ignorantly squeezed out and left it dry. Love for Allah and His creations, passion to attain excellence in your character, knowledge of the Quran (understanding it the way Allah teaches it to you), these are the walls and roof of Islam.

We need to live “IN” Islam not with Islam. Why have we restricted our relationship with Allah till the prayer mat? It’s a relationship that should exist in every breath we take, in every drop of water we drink or bathe with, in every morsel of food we eat, in every word we speak, in every sound we hear, in every person we meet, in each and every aspect of our life. Feel the warmth of the essence of Islam, the religion of peace and compassion. Beautify the house of Islam with silk cloth and gold ornaments. Welcome the people around you into your home, don’t scare them away with those judgmental eyes, for Allah has blessed you with not just a religion but a way of life.

I beg all of those people who are still working on putting up their pillars, including myself, to get on with it, because there is much work to do! And nowhere does it say you can not multitask, start placing the bricks for the walls as well! Don’t just stand there if you’re done with them, it’s not enough. And while you’re at it, try giving someone else a hand as well, be a part in helping then make their home as beau, if not more, than yours. The beauty of Islam lies in your hands, you can either make it the one and only wonder in the world, leaving the seven wonders behind, or you can stand there with your five or less than five pillars and wait for the flood to wash you away with the rest of the people who didn’t bother building their houses properly. It’s up to you!

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…”I will create a vicegerent on earth.”…

Surah Baqarah – 30

Vicegerent? Yes, a representative, of none other than the Almighty Allah! A Responsibility? Yes, but what about a blessing? An even bigger yes!

“We verily created man and We know what his soul whispereth to him, and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.”

Surah Qaf – 16

From the tiniest organisms at the depths of the ocean to the nothingness of outer-space and beyond, Allah exists in everything! In you, in me!

All my life I’ve wondered what it meant to love someone for the sake of Allah! How it worked, I wasn’t able to comprehend. But Allah has his ways of giving us hints and making clear that which is not clear, to us. Letting the thought simmer in my head for a few days, I started to realize that if Allah exists in each an everyone of us, and whatever good qualities that come from us are from Him, we actually fall in love with Him through falling in love with another human being. Didn’t you ever wonder why marriage has been made so sacred in Islam. This is the very reason. Marriage is a journey to find the love for Allah.

Love! The master of emotions! It overcomes every sadness, anger, and fear! In love, you lose yourself to the one you are in love with, completely! You are no longer the person you were before you fell in love. Not even you know yourself anymore. In the words of a wise man “dying before death”, this is a state of entering a new life. The life which you now share with that person, a life of eternity!

Rung – Fareed Ayaz (Coke Studio) – Click to Listen

Once you have found love for Allah, everywhere you look you will see Him! In every breath you breathe, in every step you take, His name will echo! The essence of Allah will engulf you! And this new life, it will be one full of happiness, peace, and tranquility. So calm will be the state of your heart that even a calamity will seem like a blessing, because you know Allah is in control of everything and since He loves you and you love Him there is nothing bad that’s going to happen. It all happens to increase the love between you and Him.

“And surely We shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops; but give glad tidings to the steadfast, Who say, when a misfortune striketh them: Lo! we are Allah’s and lo! unto Him we are returning. Such are they on whom are blessings from their Lord, and mercy. Such are the rightly guided. ”

Surah Al-Baqarah – 155  to 157

It is in this state of love, that you truly start to worship Allah!

“Say: Lo! my worship and my sacrifice and my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the Worlds.”

Surah Al-Anaam – 162

No more focusing on Hell or Heaven, only Him. Just looking forward to the day you will meet Him! Seems like a surreal state doesn’t it. Especially in this day and age where there is so much materialism, there is no give without take, it seems like the talk of a different universe, but it’s not. It just takes a little effort to realize that this world is surreal, this world is full of uncertainties, and is bound to come to an end.

Oh Allah! I do not know how to love! Teach me to love! Oh Allah! I do not know how to ask forgiveness! Teach me to ask forgiveness! Oh Allah! I do not know how to be grateful! Teach me to be grateful! Fill each and every drop of blood in my body with Your love! Give me the opportunity to attain the state of love that is eternal!  And make the first thought of my day You and the last thought of my day You!