Perfection in Imperfection: A theory about love

May 31, 2017

My mind doesn’t sleep tonight. A single thought repeats itself again and again like a broken record. What is love? What is love? What is love?

Love is not the attraction between two human beings. That force of attraction is very volatile, and is looking for a chance to disappear. The moment one human being finds an imperfection in another, the force of attraction goes POOF and in comes the force of repulsion, playing its part in erasing any memory, that that force of attraction ever existed. This is not love!

Love is a force that exists between two souls. Two souls in such an attraction, see nothing but perfection. And why wouldn’t they. They know that He who created them could have made nothing less than perfect. They can even see the perfection in the imperfections. It is the ignorance of the body to consider different as imperfection, to consider unique as imperfection. But not for the souls. The natural state of all souls is purity. It is the body that either acts as a veil or a window to your soul. Your actions, your character decides whether your body will be one or the other. Make your body a window to your soul so that you can love!

I’ve always wondered why the concept of love is so important to me. I once thought that maybe its a construct of my exposure to music and movies that talk about love, where in fact they talk about lust. But I don’t think that is the case. This force, it is so strong, but where does it come from? How does it work? These questions have always baffled me.

I have a theory about love that I’d like to share. Love is a force that works much like the force of gravity. How does gravity work, the greater the mass of an object the greater is its force of attraction. My friends, I think love works the same way. But in another dimension; the spiritual dimension. So how do we increase the force of love? By increasing our spiritual mass? How does one do that you ask? Well that’s where looking past the veil or through the window, comes in. We must love, purely, unconditionally. When we do that, a union of souls takes place. Once united, your spiritual mass increases and hence the force of love increases. But to what does this force of love pull us toward? God is infinite in His entirety, and hence His love towards us, also infinite. His love pulls us towards Him but does ours pull us towards Him as well? Yes it does, but how much? That’s simple, the more spiritual mass we have the more force of love we have towards that infinite source of love. And for that very reason, Islam encourages us to build our communities. To love not only our families but strangers, our neighbors, and every single individual. So to send blessing on a stranger passing through the street, and to stand by him in a congregation, is not just a physical phenomenon, but more importantly a spiritual one. A phenomenon that helps increase your spiritual mass in order to love Allah stronger, better, purer.

This is what life is all about! Love! Pure and unconditional! Living in such a way as to get closer to Him day by day till the day there is no distance left between you and Him. That is truly going to be a day that will be like none other! The day we meet Allah!



This post has nothing to do with any religious teachings. These are purely my own thoughts and opinions.


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