April 20, 2017


As I stand in front of a hundred year old tree and observe its majestic trunk and lush green leaves, I start to wonder how a hundred years ago, this tree came into being.

Going back to childhood science, we learn that there are male trees and female trees, and some have both in a single tree. The point to realize here is that even something that seems so magnificent standing alone in a meadow, independent and strong did not come into being without a pair. Without a pair it is incomplete.

Going down to a more subatomic level, something that is a part of every single living and non-living thing, are atoms, and in those atoms are pairs as well. They sometimes exist unpaired, however, those ions, are unstable and reactive, and will pair as soon as they come in contact with the ion that is its opposite charge. My chemistry has become a bit rusty over the years but this is generally how it works.

We can look around and find endless examples of how things made in pairs must remain in pairs in order to be completed, in order to function on optimum levels. I’m sure most of you agree. However, things have started to go in the opposite direction when it comes to human beings. The root cause, and also a cause of almost all problems in society, EGO! Men thinking they have no need of women and vice versa. A totally unnatural way of living, yet it’s becoming such a norm. In the name of empowerment, equality and God knows what all, people have made it a problem of their ego to be dependent on the other. I’m not taking any sides here as it goes both ways. Men need women as much as women need men. Not because of weakness or any negative aspect, but because that’s how nature defines us.

Depression, anxiety, suicide, is all becoming rampant because expectations for one to act complete being in an incomplete state, has reached the sky. There are those who do not consider themselves incomplete, and there are those who do and want to be complete but due to the ever-increasing complexity of finding a suitable other and the exorbitant amount of money that is expected to be spent on a wedding, leaves them hopeless. And then come the “traditional parents” who haven’t let go of things that were discouraged 1400 years ago, and delay their children’s completeness because of their ever so strong egos they have nurtured over the years. I’m sure most of you are aware of all those “beautiful” traditions.

I guess all these hurdles have led to a great misunderstanding about the actual purpose of marriage. Men getting married for the wrong reasons, and women doing the same, and parents playing their part as well. The purpose is multi-layered, starting from completing each other individually to completing society as a whole. Why men have been made to think and do a certain way and why women have been made to think and do a certain way means that either one does not have the capacity to do both. A man is only capable of looking at half the picture, and the women the other half, and together they are able to see things in completeness in order to live a certain way. It’s like having half the pieces of a puzzle and not knowing what to make of them because you don’t have the other half of the pieces. This completeness doesn’t only pertain to physical completeness but also and more importantly, mental, emotional and spiritual completeness.

Why should one continue living as half for so long? I am dumbfounded by this! People have a list of reasons for this but to me it all seems to be a lack of faith. But it’s a pointless argument with those who oppose how nature has defined things.

There is a problem and we know that it’s eating away at our society, and it’s time we start doing something about it. Putting our concerns forward, both parents and children, is a start. If the concern is how one will support a family, why not start to think of a way to acquire a skill way before completing your higher education in order to create that extra monetary requirement. I think this is one of the biggest concerns nowadays, the only concern I’m willing to buy out of the endless nonsensical ones. We must realize the gravity of the situation here! You all agree that ones child’s health is of utmost importance, then please hear me when I say you are leading them to a lifetime of sickness if you do not prioritize on helping them become complete. Their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is at risk! You don’t see doctors diagnosing this because by the time it’s gotten that bad that one has to go to the doctor, you don’t realize that it started very long ago. You don’t see people dying of being single, but you do see people dying of heart disease, depression, and mental illness, maybe not completely because of this but this has a major part to play.

If you are someone who agrees with my point of view, with my opinion, then try playing your part. I’m not saying start a rebellion in your house, all I’m saying is, start thinking about it, and if possible speak to your parents, and if that’s not possible at least remember this when you have children who are growing up, and do rightfully for them, do not let them deal with this on their own, do for them what you would have wanted for yourself.


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