Love Songs

September 6, 2016

In the hustling bustling train station, in the zombie-like movement of the people rushing to and from the platforms, stands a man. A man that is alive. He lives because of the fire inside his heart.

Busking at train stations and near the markets, he sings songs about love, about life! For those whose fires have been put out, for them the sound that resonates life, doesn’t exist. But for those who believe in love, in life, stop to listen. Stop to rekindle the flames in their hearts. 

It’s not about what he’s doing but more about why he’s doing it. Those heart filled songs are a result of the passion he has for what he does. To me, it seems like he is not after fame and fortune, having travelled the globe and produced several albums he’s still there on the street. But don’t take it the wrong way because that doesn’t mean he’s poor it means he wants to be close to the people, because that’s where the warmth is. When little children come to put coins in his guitar case and he smiles at them as they waddle away, that is a moment of true bliss, a moment so tiny yet so beautifully powerful that it makes me smile even when I think about it. For those greedy materialistic people, he’s a mad man, giving free performances to people which he could easily earn much more money off of if it were a ticketed show. But that life, that self-centred life, is not one worth living. 

For me, this man, like many others following their passion, is a source of inspiration. Inspiring me to take that leap of faith towards what I love doing and also to be near the common people, be right smack center of where the zombies roam, because that’s where you’ll actually be able to make a difference. 

When I think about my experience, try to paint an image of what I felt in that moment, I picture people going their separate ways but a child looking exactly like them holding their hands and tugging them towards the singing man. An image of how the real you, the person you were as a child is still there and wants you to listen. And those who have stopped to listen are in their child-like form surrounding him and listening to him with complete concentration as if the world only exists in the circle they have made around him. If only I were an artist, I would love to paint this image. But since I’m not I hope those of you who have a tiny bit of imagination left in you close your eyes and visualise the scene. It is an image I will hold on to as long as I live, to remind me of what life truly is!

Thank you Cuzn! Thank you for making this world a more beautiful place to live in!


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