The Comfort Zone: the funny world we live in

December 18, 2015

Yesterday I wandered off to a place far from my comfort zone, not realizing how far I’ve gotten until I looked back. But when I did, it was truly a moment of self-reflection, a little disturbing, I must say. And at that moment I felt several things, of which one was most uncomfortable, the feeling of wanting to rush back not only to the boundary of my zone but as far back in as I could go, a place I found safe and obviously comfortable. But that was not all I felt. I felt that I’ve taken my education for granted all these years, I felt that people who have to work with their hands and put in all their physical energies to do their tasks should be paid much more than they do, I felt grateful that I had a choice of wandering off to that point and did not have to do it out of necessity, and I also felt that I had just experienced a reality which will really change the way I think about the world I live in.

The comfort zone is a funny world, that exists in our head, and hence only we know how we feel when we are in it and when we step out. Each individual has his own little world inside his or her head. But what is this place? It’s an imaginary world where you feel most safe because you know everything in it, and by everything, I mean the feelings. In this space, you know how to react to all sorts of inputs you receive from your surroundings, and you know how to deal with your emotions simply because you’ve experienced them way too many times to be shocked by any of them. However, the funny part comes, when you voluntarily or involuntarily walk out of that world. Suddenly all things seem alien to you. The same people who you once met with a different relationship, are now scary creatures that you think will devour you in one bite. The same feelings you had but with different scenarios, are now magical spells cast upon you that leave you frozen in your steps, or pulling you into the ground like quicksand. Why do all these things change, because you have entered into a world that you do not know much about. But it’s not all that bad, in fact the uncertainty is the only bad thing about it.

Life is one big lesson, and exiting your comfort zone or should I say, expanding your comfort zone is a lesson which one experiences several times along the way. Usually we take baby steps outwards, which we do not notice until much later. But it’s when you take a leap much further out, you realize what’s happening. You start by learning the new language of your heart, new feelings, or the same feelings with different intensities need to be understood. You start realizing the value of the things you’ve left back in your comfort zone, leading you to gratitude and humility. You grow stronger, and more immune to hardships. You evolve into a newer more efficient being, with upgrades in several aspects, may be physical, emotional, spiritual or a mixture of them.

So what is the language of the heart? Most of us are unaware, simply because we are too busy with our lives to even stop to listen to the very organ that is keeping us alive. In my opinion the heart is the docking station of the soul, it’s a direct access to the soul, to communicate with the very thing that makes us, us! So listening to the heart is basically listening to one’s soul. But wait! Not only does the soul dock on this organ, but it is also where ones ego exists, and the first and foremost task is to differentiate between the two. The ego often overpowers the soul because of our own doings, as we are always listening to it rather than the soul, which in turn feeds it and makes it stronger. So, what we need to do is listen to the soul more often. So what does the heart say? It gives us constant updates about the situation of the soul, what it needs and what it has to stay clear of in order to be safe. When you are out there, in a place unknown to you, your soul is by your side, telling you to stand steadfast and fight hard, as this is a test and once you have passed it, you will shine much brighter! The ego, on the other hand, says you’re making a big mistake, you do not belong here and should return to where you came from, a place which you are most familiar with, a place where you are in control of things, where you are the king! Ego doesn’t want you to be grateful or humble, it wants you to be proud, arrogant and feel worthy of all that you have. So who do you want to feed? The choice is yours and what you decide is what you become.

The instinctive behavior of humans, is to take whatever it is that one has, for granted. But wait, do you really deserve that home you live in, or that car you drive? What about that boy, the one who goes to school in the morning and collects garbage all evening, and returns to a tent only to find that he has half a piece of bread for dinner and a hard mat to sleep on. What have you done to deserve the things you have? I’m sure, much less than what he does, or maybe even nothing, and you got it because someone in the past made the efforts and sacrifices to provide for that roof above your head. What about the family and friends you have? What about that girl who lost her parents in an accident and is now living in an orphanage, with no friends but her torn up doll that she drags around all day? Did she have any control over her circumstances? No! And you and I don’t either! So yes, walking out of that comfort zone to realize that we’ve been blessed with the world and so much more, is something we MUST experience, to make us actually bend down on our knees in front of that Merciful power that choose to give us a comfortable home filled with friends and family, because it is nothing of our doing, and we can be nothing but grateful to Him.

You are out of your comfort zone, but not for long, either you run back in, or you stay there long enough to draw a new boundary to that zone, having conquered a new domain. In the case, that you have made it through the hardships of all the learning and realization, you will have added to your system a new mechanism of immunity. Immunity to hardship! Now that you are past the bridge you look back and feel two things: that you have made it across and that it wasn’t as difficult as it seemed when you were on the other side. Having reached this point, although you might have a similar feeling later on in life, but you will know at the back of your mind that you’ve done it before and you can do it again, as long as you keep listening to your soul!

Having been a gamer for a long time, one thing I know is, that getting an upgrade on a structure or unit is always a source of excitement and confidence (knowing that you are one step closer to defeating your enemy). You’ve made it out there, but remember, with you is that Power, a force of love that would never let you wander out of your zone without packing with you the necessary items for you to make it through the journey. Along the way you ate those cookies made with fairy dust, which were delicious but you were to hungry and scared to realize that those cookies gave you wings, and now you can fly, in fact half way through the journey you were up in the air and were safe from half the dangers you would have faced if you were on foot, but since you didn’t realize, that fear still remained in your heart. And remember when you stopped to have that glass of milk, it wasn’t milk, it was a potion of invisibility, so you were no longer vulnerable to being attacked by evil beings, but since you didn’t realize, that fear still remained in your heart.  When you reached your destination and wiped your forehead with that white handkerchief He wrapped and put in your pocket, your forehead started to shine, and with it you were able to see far into the distance, as clear as can be, but since you didn’t look down at the handkerchief which had written on it with, golden words, “I LOVE YOU”, you suddenly let Mr. Ego take over and you put out your chest and said, “Yes, I made it!” But because His love is infinite and Mr. Ego stands no chance in front of it, He looks down at you with pride and says “Yes you did!” 🙂


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