Seeds of Prosperity

June 14, 2014

It starts with a seed. In appropriate conditions it sprouts through the earth to become a sapling, and in time, with careful nurturing it turns into a majestic tree. Very similar is the life cycle of a habit.

The first step to successfully grow any plant is to sow the seed in the right season. If sown out of season, there is no future for the seed but to become food for the insects. Similarly, for a habit to become an integral part of a person’s life, it is essential to sow the seed of that habit at the right time. When the person is a child, at a stage when the mind and body is developing. The reason why people have stopped teaching children some habits at a young age is because they think that there is a lot of time for that, and the child is too small to understand its meaning. In my opinion, that is the wrong way to go about doing things, not that I have experience of raising a child, but realize that the habits that were instilled in me as a child, are now starting to make sense to me, and I appreciate the fact that I was taught those things at a young age.

I would like to focus my attention on a particular habit, Namaaz (prayer). The best gift a parent can give to his/her child is the habit of Namaaz. When I was growing up, all I was told about praying was that it was a duty bestowed upon us by Allah and that if we didn’t pray we would be held accountable for it. In time, I realised that it was something much more than that.  Namaaz is a tool, a defense mechanism, a cure, and a therapy for our physical, emotional and spiritual states. Even if it’s done in its most basic form, it provides us with powers that we are unaware of.  I’m not talking about immortality or anything, but about the amplification of one’s strengths and abilities. Most importantly, Namaaz is the charging of the soul. A fully charged soul leads to a content heart, and a content heart leads to gratitude, which in turn leads to inner peace, happiness and tranquility. Isn’t that what we all are looking for, but in the wrong places.

The quality of the societies we are living in are deteriorating drastically, and our future generations are in for some pretty difficult times, no matter how advanced the technology will be, there will be a lot of vices out there trying to engulf them and devour them whole! Sounds creepy? It is! It boggles me to bits, how they will be able to get through such difficult times! But then I realize that if equipped with the correct items at the correct time, it will be quite possible. It’s like making a time capsule that ejects the  appropriate items at the appropriate times.

So for all you new parents out there, or parents to be, don’t wait around to teach your children things. The best age to learn is when they are little, and trust me, as difficult as it might seem, and as much as they might hate it, they’ll grow up to appreciate it. I speak from my own experience, and am immensely grateful to my parents for having brought me up the way they did. Your children deserve it, and they need it.

To all you mother’s out there of those newly born’s and all the non-mothers (who will eventually, and hopefully become mothers), you’ve been blessed with a very high status in Islam, something as big as Paradise, is beneath your feet, and the blessing of being closer to your children than your husbands, you’ve got to become a certain kind of person for your children to idealize you. Working on your Deen now, means that your children will most definitely watch you and become like you. Do you realise the sort of impact that has not only on you but the future of the Muslim Ummah? It’s difficult, especially with Satan on our case all the time, however, you’ve got to make the effort, because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

This doesn’t mean that the fathers, and non-fathers can do what they please. Without a strong Deen, they and their families are in danger from every thing around them. Our responsibilty is to guide and lead the ladies and children of the Ummah towards success, success of this life and the next. We are their torch bearers, and we must not let that torch burn out, because in this age of extreme darkness, without light, we’re doomed!

It’s a team effort, attaining prosperity, and in a united family lies the betterment of society as a whole! May we all live a life according to our Deen, not only for our selves but for the generations to come!


2 Responses to “Seeds of Prosperity”

  1. Tammy Says:

    We must always be vigilant that our children are watching. Thank you for this.

    • Thank you for appreciating my thoughts… Means a lot. And yes its a big responsibility once someone has kids. But a blessing as well so its a give and take kind a thing.

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