Healthy Rebellion

June 10, 2014

As time passes, things evolve, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The evolution of the thought patterns of society is what has the greatest impact on the future of the planet and every individual on it. What once use to be totally acceptable, is an outrageous thought today. What once was an outrageous thought is totally acceptable today. But does it have to be this way. Do you and I have to let these newly formed norms dictate what our life should be like. No! Sounds pretty rebellious doesn’t it, it is! But are you going to sit around worrying about what people might say or think? Do you have that sort of time? Or do you think you’ll get another chance  to relive a life the way you want to?

“Break the rules, not the law but the rules” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Risk” has been replaced by “realistic”, “passion” has been replaced by “practical” and “ambition” has been replaced by “playing it safe”. What seems very realistic today is only because of a risk someone took, long ago. What seems very practical today, is the result of a passionate soul, who didn’t hesitate to live his dreams. And that thing you’re playing it safe with, is only because someone ambition enough made it a point to prove wrong those who thought it’s impossible. So if you’re being realistic, practical and playing things safe, you’re putting a full-stop to a better tomorrow.

Don’t we all want to be great? Do something in this world that people will remember us by? We do! But we’re not going to get there until we don’t rewrite a few definitions in our hand-books. We think we’re so strong, so confident, and ever so fearless, but when it comes to doing something people might not accept, we turn our heads, we hesitate to even think about it, too ashamed of something that we haven’t even done yet. The worst thing we can do when starting something new is making presumptions about what the pessimists might say. No matter what you do, a pessimist will never think you’ll succeed, so make sure you’ve chosen the correct audience in your head before getting to any sort of conclusions. Who’s the best audience you ask? You! If it is what makes your heart beat an extra beat, then go for it, because every beat counts, and you’ve got those extra beats with you!

What ever happened to quotes like, “money doesn’t buy happiness” and “chase your dreams and money will follow”? When we see someone with a lot of money but a wrecked life, or someone so “ambitious” that he seems to be chasing money all the time neglecting his family, we happily use such quotes but when it comes to someone making  outrageous decisions to do what he’s passionate about, he’s being mad, he’s being unrealistic, how will he take care of his bills! All this does, is instill fear in someone who might be the next Steve Jobs, or  any other famous person that comes to your mind, which leads to loss, not only to the individual but society as a whole. If you set out to do something that’s going to change the world, you sure as hell don’t have the time to think of how you’ll pay you’re bills, however, I’m pretty sure if you’re that crazy, as people say you are, you’re probably going to get those bills paid some way or the other, because your idea is going to get you places, no one can even imagine.

It’s great to take advice from people, and that too from sensible people (not pessimists), but don’t let their advice cloud your judgement, if anything, the best place to look for help is on the prayer mat, where you can consult your idea no matter how absurd it might sound, even to you, with He who can make things work for you, as impossible as they may seem. After that, all you need to do is, DO IT!

“What ever you do, don’t look back/down”, is a quote you hear a lot in movies in which the success of a mission lies in blinding ones team from fears which may cause them to panic, and eventually fail/fall/die. This technique is as applicable to our lives as it is in those scenes, after all they’ve been taken from reality.  Whether you are an engineer today and have what it takes to become an artist or vice verse, there is nothing that stands in the way of passion. Passion knows no bounds, and is independent of prior experience or qualifications.

You’ve read this or heard this a dozen times before, that the right time for taking the first step towards your goals is now, not tomorrow or the day after, but at this very moment, but it’s okay if you can’t, right away, but just remember, if you’re putting it off just to forget about it then trust me, the feeling of regret will come around, and when it does, it will eat away at you, and there will be no one to blame except  yourself, because it was you who was afraid to stand up against the flow!


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