Living Dead

April 9, 2014


Connected, yet so disconnected. Disconnected from my emotions! Emotions that make me feel for other human beings, whether related or unrelated. Social media, smart phones, laptops, WiFi, GPRS and what not, yet I do not worry for those I am connected to. The easier it has become to communicate, the harder it has become to stay in touch. This is the irony of the so-called developed civilization we live in.

“How will you go to work today, there has been a bomb-blast on the route to your office!”, my father said. “Oh darn, I’ll have to take the long, rushy route to work today!” I thought to myself, and suddenly it struck me! I was so very disgusted with my sheer selfishness, inhumanity, numbness, that I felt as if I were someone else. What have I become, am I even alive? People have died! People are hurt! Families have been shattered! And my concern is the route to work! I am as good as dead to society, if this is what my priorities are!

One might argue that we can’t worry about these things, they happen all the time, and if we do start worrying we’ll fall sick, emotionally and mentally. But is there nothing we can do, even if it takes a few moments of our so-called busy schedules? Can we not pray for those who have lost their lives, for those who have lost a family member, for those who have lost a limb? Will praying for them make us sick in any way?

It’s when one stops caring, that life becomes so difficult to live! The hardest way to live is to live for one’s self. Start living for others and your life will take care of itself. Caring doesn’t only mean going out-of-the-way to help someone, even having a feeling of grief, murmuring a small prayer, is enough to keep that heart beating.

Just because it has become a regular feature, it doesn’t, in any way make it acceptable. Yes, death is inevitable, but those that are caused by monsters that live amongst us, need to be condemned, even if they happen everyday, everywhere! It is only then that we will feel the need to stand up against these monsters, and show them what they’ve become. It is possible to turn a heart towards the right path, up till one’s last breath. A dead heart can be brought back to life! A man who is blind to all the chaos he is creating in this world can be given a new pair of eyes, those that see life as a blessing, and not as a commodity that can be disposed at will.


May Allah (SWT) grant all those who have lost their lives to these atrocities, the best place in Jannah (Paradise)! May He give their families the strength and patience to cope with their loss. And may He turn the hearts of those who have  lost their way. Ameen!



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