November 7, 2013


1.Of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad;barely adequate.

2. Not satisfactory; poor; inferior

These are some of the well-known definitions of the word. But I oppose to its use when it comes to Allah’s creations, humans, in particular. There is no such thing as mediocre in Allah’s majestic universe. If it’s been created by Him, mediocrity doesn’t even lurk near it. Allah, in His infinite magnificence, has gifted each an every one of us with uniqueness. I’m not referring to your finger prints or any physical uniqueness, that is obvious to all of us, however, I’d like to touch upon an aspect of our uniqueness that we usually don’t even know about.

I believe that each and every individual in this universe, that lived, lives, and will live, has one thing unique about him, that no one else, had, has, or will ever have. That uniqueness is what make you, you and me, me! There is some act I am able to do, that no one else can do as good as I can. And that is what I was sent down on this earth to do, apart from my obligations towards my Lord, to worship Him. Something that is to leave a mark on this planet, to show that I, Ghazi Aitizaz, or anyone else for that matter, was sent to earth to do his or her share in making the planet a better place. What is this uniqueness, you ask? Well it can be anything, something as insignificant in people’s eyes as sweeping the street, to something as great as heading a government. It is the way you are able to perform a certain act, with the tools you have been bestowed with (i.e. eyes, ears, hands, tongue, etc.) that in turn puts smiles on people’s faces. Yes, that’s right, the measure of how well you’ve done that act is measured by the number of faces you’ve put smiles on. It all comes down to spreading happiness in the world. Isn’t that what we all are looking for anyways? So yeah, in my opinion, counting smiles is more important than those bills going into your pocket. And believe me, the more smiles you receive, the less you will care about those bills. But miraculously, the value of those bills will skyrocket.

While you are busy putting smiles on other people’s faces, guess who’s going to be doing that for you? Allah! You have put His gifts to proper use, you have shown your gratitude for His blessings by using them the way He expected you to use them.

So from today, I am going to redefine MEDIOCRE in my dictionary, for me a mediocre person is he who has not yet identified what makes him unique, what makes him, him! I’ve always wondered what we have been sent to this universe to do, apart from worshiping Allah, because if that were all we were suppose to do, then we might as well be angels, but there is a reason why we’ve been given the ability to choose! With this power of choice we are to suppose to find that thing that is hidden within each and every one of us, and use it to do our part. So start looking, and I’ll do the same. There might be some lucky people out there who have already found it and are busy playing their part, they are surely those who are the successful ones. There are those who go to the depths of the oceans to discover Allah’s greatness, and those who climb the highest mountains. But there is also another way to discover Allah’s greatness! Swim to the depths of your heart, climb the highest point of your brain, and you will find that the vastness of the universe does not only exist outside of us but there exists one as vast, within us.


2 Responses to “Mediocre”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Ghazi, enjoyed this. I think, for me, it comes down to never stop asking myself questions about who I am becoming and how I can live on the frontier of those things that I believe in!

    • Thank you 🙂 Well yeah, i guess that what it means to be alive. To question ones self again and again. Keep it awake. Keep it from falling into a slumber from which waking up becomes near impossible.

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