I’m Busy

October 23, 2013

Wake up, get dressed, go to work, work, go for some exercise, come home, watch some TV,go to sleep, and repeat! This is the summarized story of the lives of many. With some addition or subtraction here and there. This is the definition of busy lives, these days. But wait, isn’t this the same if not much less of the work those in the past used to do? But in that hustling and bustling life of theirs, they took out an ink pot, and a quill, and wrote letters to loved ones. They spent hours producing perfect letters which spoke their heart. And those receiving them took out time to read those wonderfully written letters, not once, but again and again! This is the so-called “Age of communication”, and we are days away from things like holographic phones, and even teleportation, if things keep moving at the speeds they are. But with this rapid advancement in communication technologies, the human has developed reclusive habits. Why, you ask? Well priorities have changed, greed has trickled in to our way of life. The vice that was a part of the ruling class of the past, has now become the doing of the common man as well. This greed, is a veil, which makes us forget everyone around us. We start to pretend as if the world will stop spinning if we slow down a notch. Like hamsters running in a wheel, we are chasing after things that are further from our reach than we think. But people cover up this rat race with words like, “success”, “determination”, “motivation”. We are unaware of the destruction we are causing in society by becoming the way we are, introverts. Staring into these screens, whether they are on our desks, or in our hands. We continue being hypnotized by these screens! At dinner parties, at weddings, at funerals, there are people just too busy to get their eyes off their cell phones. From rude, to a very acceptable act, this distraction from physical socialization, is killing us! A bit melodramatic, but it strikes you when you see old friends meeting up after a long time, only to find that five minutes down the conversation, almost everyone has gone silent, and started looking down in their laps, with a glow on their face. I’m pretty sure, many people, might think I’m old school, getting aggravated at this boom in technology. But I’m also pretty sure, they are too busy, to even read what I’m writing, so I won’t bother worrying about what they have to say. As they say, there are pro’s and con’s to everything, we can’t have one without the other, however, the negative impact it’s having on us is just daunting! We need to control our machines, not let the machines control us, because if we don’t. the fiction of machines taking over the world, will soon become a reality. We have lost a lot of great things, feelings, emotions, because of how we’ve let technology affect us. Just the other day, I started an email thread with a teacher from my school. And after we exchanged a few emails, it struck me, that this is so much fun. Writing emails is so much fun! Sharing a bigger slice of cake from your life with someone, rather than just crumbs (in the form of small text messages), is more fulfilling. You send an email, and then anxiously wait for a response, and then are happy to see an email in your inbox which you are actually going to read, and then send another slice of cake their way! It’s a small form of happiness, yet it makes you actually put a little thought into your words, instead of the common jabber, jabber, jabber! I am all for technology, it has brought a lot of ease into our lives, if it weren’t for technology, you probably would have never read what I wrote. But, today I am going to make myself a promise, I will not tend to my phone (unless there is a phone call that could be a probable emergency) when I am meeting someone face to face, whether there is a message or a Facebook notification, if there is something that important, that person will call, otherwise I am pretty sure he or she can wait for my response. I know this is going to be pretty hard for most people because it’s become an addiction for them to fiddle with their phones, but we should try! Try to bring back the actual term “socializing” into our way of life. And trust me, the world will definitely keep spinning no matter what!


5 Responses to “I’m Busy”

  1. Babar Ahmad Malik Says:

    I agree with you. Its true that people are so much addicted to fb on cell that sometimes they even forget where they are? & what they are doing? To be honest i really feel awkward on such moment when i am talking to someone and he is busy with his cellphone.

    Long back if u remember we had discussion on this topic since then i try to avoid this. Allahamdulilah I am successful in controlling myself.

    I hope people will soon realize this thing.

    • Its great that you have achieved this goal. Without a constant effort we won’t be able to achieve this. May Allah guide us all so that we become respectable human beings. Ameen

  2. mydeenisbeautiful Says:

    nie post masha allah .. there is always a blessing in being disconnected

  3. mydeenisbeautiful Says:

    nice … i have done a lot of more essential things when i deactivated on fb alhamdulillah

  4. mydeenisbeautiful Says:

    Reblogged this on beauty_of_islam.

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