The Heart, A Multi-core Processor

September 25, 2013

Today, I am going to look inside my heart, sit quietly and listen to it, and then try to give it my best shot to write down what it says. Although, there is no way to do complete justice to it through words. In fact, it is a combination of words, and actions that together speak what the heart has to say.

The heart is like a processor of a computer, having connections to all other components including the brain, and like the processor, it is in control of everything. A little hang up in the processor and even the brain starts giving unexpected results. Made up of delicate nerves, it responds to the slightest of interrupts. Trying to keep up with all sorts of tasks, it starts to wear out, but does not give up, until it completely becomes incapable of handling any more pressure against its delicate nerves.

It says, it is not only responsible for the mechanical function of the body, but also handles emotional exceptions. Have you ever felt that pain in the heart when you are depressed, that gnawing feeling as if something is trying to make its way out? Well, it’s the processor, overclocking in order to handle the blow on the emotional system it has just encountered. Since, there are also other higher priority interrupts to handle, this task takes its time to be serviced. But like a memory leeching virus, it starts to take up resources, especially that of the brain and hence, clouds judgments, gives migraines, and distracts you from thinking about all other things in life.

It says, it dedicates cores to special tasks, those which are solely created by relationships, careers, passions and other such, processor critical tasks. As one gets closer to a person, career, or passion, the heart, having continuously serviced a certain task time and time again, eventually dedicates a portion to it. This is when the heart actually becomes vulnerable to physical damage due to emotional set backs. Any emotional set back that occurs in one of these cores, extremely weakens the nerves or that portion of the heart. Hence, that pinching feeling.

It says, it has a special sector that is untappable, by anyone, except, Allah. That sector, or core, is a processor that requires certain actions to keep it fueled up. And if those actions are not performed that processor starts to shut down. I am not only talking about saying your prayers, or fasting, but also to the conscious effort to think about Him! Ponder over his creation, and synchronize the clocks of the other cores to that of the special one. Once in sync, the heart becomes unbreakable. It takes up the testudo formation (famous roman war formation,, and in this formation it is protected from all angles and all sorts of attacks.

Testudo Formation

It says, it is strong, at the same time very delicate, it is a master piece! An entire life of beating and getting beaten, it stands strong, to keep you going!

And with every beat it says, glory be to my Master, Allah!


The above article is solely a creation of my own, my thoughts. It is no representation of any scientific research, or religious teaching.


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