Just Human

September 2, 2013

A human being has the capacity to do great things, achieve extreme feats, and be amazing. However, there is a limitation. He is human! Limited to his natural instincts. He might try fighting them, and try not to let them take control. At times he is successful in suppressing these instincts, but a time comes, when he is unable to hold them back, and he collapse in front of his human self.

This facade he puts up for the world is deceiving, and people’s expectations have been raised to a level that can not be maintained forever, making them forget that he has a weak human self inside of him. A being which has its needs and requirements. Having neglected it, pushed it deep inside of himself, he too does not recognize it. Once it makes its way out, this humanness, he too is in a state of shock, and let down.

Balance! It’s all about balance. Living in such a way that can be maintained, whether he is young and full of valor, or old and weak at heart. This goes for all physical, emotional, and most importantly spiritual activities! That doesn’t mean, that he shouldn’t push himself, to an extreme, sometimes, I repeat, sometimes, its necessary, but shouldn’t be habitual. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always advised his companions to take the middle path, to do as much as humanly possible and sustainable. The companions were such that, if they would start a good deed, they would continue it till their last breath, it became a part of them, hence, choosing the middle path was the best!

Being human, it’s a reality for him, whether he accepts it or not. So he might as well pamper it every now and then. Learn to coexist so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle, instead of one which is a constant struggle. It’s peace that he is looking for, and in this state of struggle, he is in distress. A blur vision, a muffled hearing, and a coarse voice, becomes the state of his senses. His emotions start to fluctuate and he is unaware of how to deal with them, it’s all new to him, and in this unstable state, he falters!

He has sinned, or at least that is what the world thinks, as it’s the first time they have seen him act in such a way. It’s not completely their fault for feeling this way, it’s his own fault for having fooled them, and himself for that matter. Up there, from above, Allah is looking down at His creation, loving him for being human, yet he is hating himself for it!

On his knees, hopeless, he puts his head to the ground and turns to Him, knowing that there is no one else to turn to, with a broken heart he prays! It is in this state when he is closest to his Creator. Moments pass, and the prayer is answered! For him, Allah has sent a special gift. A package, that not only accepts his humanness but also becomes a source of comfort.

Is this the end of the road for him and his struggle to live with his human self? No, it has just begun. He has just realized that it’s going to be a long strenuous journey, but one worth living! His fuel for this journey, he found as he put his head to the ground! Prayer, turning to Allah alone, is what will get him to places! He shall succeed, no matter how many barriers confront him, no matter how many heart breaks he faces, he has the best Cardiologist on his side, who can mend the most crushed of hearts, so there is no more worrying for him.

He is HUMAN! He is Allah’s HUMAN!


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