The House of Islam

July 22, 2013

A house consists of four main components; a foundation (the base and pillars), a roof, walls, and doors (hopefully you like the sun, so windows too). Without any one of these components, the house is either unsafe or in some cases unlivable. Once the main components are in place, you fill the house with furniture and decorations so as to make it warm and welcoming. Not only do you decorate and embellish it from the inside, you do the same to the outside.


Now imagine a house without pillars. It will look like a house, but what will happen if there is a storm? Will it survive the fierce winds? With nothing to hold it in place it will probably collapse within no time. Now how about the other way around. There is a house with no walls or roof, and obviously without walls there won’t be place for doors or windows. Would that structure, of several pillars standing around, look like a house, or just something unfinished or in ruins?

Palmyra 006 _01

Imagine that you are standing between pillars and the wind starts to blow, and you are covered with dust. Then it starts to rain, just for a bit, and the dust turns to mud on your skin, then the scorching sun comes out and dries that mud on your skin. Your skin will look like land that has been in drought for a very long time. Were the pillars enough to keep you safe from becoming what you have, a clay statue, with cracks all over.

Shada, Salah, Saum, Zakat, and Hajj are the pillars of Islam. Most of us spend our entire lives erecting these pillars and then stopping there. We have not bothered placing a roof above our heads, or walls around us to keep us safe from people’s criticism, and the misguidance of false scholars. We do not place furniture or decorations in our home, for others to see how warm and welcoming Islam is. We make it look as cold as a graveyard in snowy winter night.

What are the walls and roof made of, you ask? They are made of the essence of Islam that we have ignorantly squeezed out and left it dry. Love for Allah and His creations, passion to attain excellence in your character, knowledge of the Quran (understanding it the way Allah teaches it to you), these are the walls and roof of Islam.

We need to live “IN” Islam not with Islam. Why have we restricted our relationship with Allah till the prayer mat? It’s a relationship that should exist in every breath we take, in every drop of water we drink or bathe with, in every morsel of food we eat, in every word we speak, in every sound we hear, in every person we meet, in each and every aspect of our life. Feel the warmth of the essence of Islam, the religion of peace and compassion. Beautify the house of Islam with silk cloth and gold ornaments. Welcome the people around you into your home, don’t scare them away with those judgmental eyes, for Allah has blessed you with not just a religion but a way of life.

I beg all of those people who are still working on putting up their pillars, including myself, to get on with it, because there is much work to do! And nowhere does it say you can not multitask, start placing the bricks for the walls as well! Don’t just stand there if you’re done with them, it’s not enough. And while you’re at it, try giving someone else a hand as well, be a part in helping then make their home as beau, if not more, than yours. The beauty of Islam lies in your hands, you can either make it the one and only wonder in the world, leaving the seven wonders behind, or you can stand there with your five or less than five pillars and wait for the flood to wash you away with the rest of the people who didn’t bother building their houses properly. It’s up to you!

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