The Pen

June 25, 2013

Every old man has a story untold and every young child a story unwritten…there’s always a story behind that face, deep down in each and every vein of the body. Yet our story seems to be the only story that matters. How naive we are not to think that the man who walks past us, the man we have never met and might never meet, has a story that changes our story by its own existence. How selfish we are to think that our story matters more than his. It’s all one big story in one big book! We are not alone in this world, stop thinking that! It only ruins the pages in the book when we go into a daze and let the nib of the pen spill ink all over. The ink is permanent, and once it penetrates the pores of the paper, it will dwell there forever.

Write your story in cursive, let the pen flow smoothly across the paper. Be gentle, but at the same time be confident. Be brave, but don’t be reckless. Take risks, but calculate them, not too much though, or you pen’s ink might dry out, and your story might end there and then.

Somewhere in the story there will be a part where the words on the page will seem to look bigger and brighter. That’s the part where Allah is telling you that He loves you and that you are His prized possession. Those who realize that part slow down to absorb His love, to reconsider their decisions and start to write with more humility and submission. But those who don’t will let those words pass, will waste their chance to rewrite their destiny. But He still loves them, He will keep coming around.

The difference between man and animal is the pen! The animal’s stories are written, hard coded. Man on the other hand is able to write his story. What he writes, only Allah knows, but it’s how he writes, that is what he is in control of.

On the day the book shall be opened, let Allah not frown on seeing our crooked hand-writing, let Him not have to show us what we have written, to read out loud, in front of everyone. Let the beauty of our hand writing be the free pass to Paradise.


2 Responses to “The Pen”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Beautiful writing Ghazi. I love the thought of our story being changed by someone else’s very existence and that we may not have met them! Writing with submission is a lovely thing to strive for.

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