Friends Forever

April 22, 2013

We stand side by side looking out into the distance…into our future. We say to ourselves; we’ll be friends forever! We see the majestic sun and its warm rays of hope. Everything seems so bright and so clear.

We are at a train station, waiting for our respective rides to arrive. As we look down the tracks, it seems that both the trains will be  heading in the same direction. Our luggage is packed with stuff we might need for our travel. We are so lost in the moment that we think we’re all good to go, but are we?

We hear the trains at a distance. Since the tracks seem to be running parallel to each other, we don’t bother saying our goodbyes. We’ll be side by side all the way, we say, nod at each other and board our locomotives.

As we walk down the aisles looking for window seats we look at each other making sure we can see one another through the windows. I see a seat a few rows up and immediately look into the other train opposite that seat. Its empty! We both rush to our seats and smile at each other as we catch our breath.

I dig deep into my pocket and pull out a red ball of yarn, tie one end to my finger and fling the ball into the window of the other train and my friend ties the other end to hers. The train starts to move and we both stick out our heads and look towards the horizon.

It all seems great at first. Talking to one another, sharing our experiences with each other. We only stick to small talk with others in our cabin, not feeling the need to get close to them. But as the journey continues the trains which once seemed parallel are starting to diverge. The ball of yarn starts to unravel, round by round. We don’t notice it at first and are getting busy with our own separate routines and cabin member which have now been upgraded to friends from their former status of being acquaintances.

We tug at the yarn every now and then but usually one of us is busy or fast asleep. We don’t share the same platform anymore, we have new routines to follow and new friends to tend to. We continue ignoring the unraveling yarn.

Every time we are at a stop, we tend to notice that things are changing. I for one, really ponder over that, and notice that we are no longer moving parallel to one another. We converse at the stop, reminisce, and enjoy each others company. But when the trains start to move again, I slouch down into my seat and feel a deep feeling of sorrow. I pop my head out the window and look back. We once thought we were headed to the sun together, now it seems like that was just a mirage.

The journey is starting to become long and cumbersome. I yearn of the past, the time when we stood at the platform, so excited to travel. Ready to face any hardship headed our way, together! But things haven’t worked out the way we had planned them, in our heads, as we waited for our trains to arrive.

The divergence is starting to get out of hand. We hold tightly to the yarn. A point comes that we are hanging out of our windows, trying to keep from letting go. How will we hold on, how will we manage to get the trains to turn closer to one another? All these questions run through our heads. Neither of us is able to make a move towards the driver, to tell him to reroute. Most of the time we are too busy with our own friends and routine that we don’t bother and other times we feel the other train is headed in the wrong direction, not our own.

We are drifting so apart that we aren’t able to share, let alone see each others happiness, be there for each other in times of need. The yarn has stretched so thin that sometimes it seems as if it’s not even there.

Milestones are crossing by, and our journey advances. There is no saying how long the yarn will hold or when one train might stop. But every now and then I feel like jumping aboard the train that carries my friend, not caring about the consequences. Just to be able to share that moment of togetherness again, so close that one could hear the heart beat of the other and know the moment a murmur or palpitation would occur, that something is wrong!

I wonder if my friend feels the same, I always wonder…


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