Suffering: It’s a part of Life

October 3, 2012

Life’s strongest defining attribute is, suffering. This is a morbid truth, however, it’s not all that dark! It’s just a harsh reality of life, which most of us tend to ignore or try to overcome.  But are we dealing with it the correct way?

Peace, is the antonym of suffering. Is it an attribute of life? No it’s not, surely not of this one. Is it the attribute of the Hereafter? Definitely, for those who have searched for it in this life! Contradictory? Let me explain.

We might find momentary calmness and contentment by obtaining a desire. It’s momentary, and hence, does not contain the true essence of peace. Peace is something that is everlasting! We might find the spouse of our dreams, but is he or she flawless? Will that happiness and contentment be on going? Maybe that person is a lost angel, but surely not immortal, hence, not everlasting. Suffering will constantly strike you from every side. And every time you fall into the illusion of serenity, a jolt of suffering will smack you wide awake, straight into reality!

But wait! There is a catch, a loophole, a way around this nasty thing called suffering. Stop struggling to get rid of it. You are suffering from poverty, you suddenly win a jackpot, are you free from suffering? The poverty part, yes. But you’ll end up with a heavier sack of problems. Once, you start getting rid of those, before you know it, there will be more knocking at your door. The cycle will continue until one day it’ll all be over, the day you will cease to exist. Do you want to be doing that all you life?  I don’t.

It all starts with the acceptance of this reality, because half the time we refuse to accept that it’s part of everyone’s life. So we keep trying to achieve that person’s life, who we think, doesn’t have any suffering. Then we befriend it. Yes, that’s right. Start to walk with it side by side, and then like a treacherous back-stabber, stab it in the back and let it rot. No…just kidding. But what you need to do is stop considering it as an enemy, and eventually its power to eradicate your peace will wash away. Sounds extremely difficult. But it’s as difficult as you make it.

Two step solution! Gratitude and the remembrance of Allah. Once you start rejoicing and thanking Allah for all the blessing He has showered you with, you won’t have time to think about the stuff, that you don’t have, which for your kind information, is yet another blessing from Him. Then, tell Allah, ” You created me and this world and the suffering it contains! You have power over me, this world and all its attributes. Please grant me with a strong heart, that is impenetrable by all that this world contains. Let it fill up with You and You alone. And take away from suffering its essence that, pulls me down, away from you, that puts shackles to my feet and ties me down to this world.”

Remembering Allah means keeping Him within you! All His creations fear Him. Suffering will run far far away from you if you give Allah, a room in your heart!


One Response to “Suffering: It’s a part of Life”

  1. Tammy Says:

    I like this and especially since you talked about a spouse not being perfect. I read this on my 20th anniversary. Here, we say, “lean into the suffering.” It is a powerful lesson.

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