Close the windows and look into a mirror

October 2, 2012

Who do you spend the most time with throughout your day? Your family? Your friends? Who? None of them, you spend the entire day with yourself! Yes, you! Apart from Allah All Mighty, who knows you the most? Your family? Your friends? Who? None of them, you know yourself the most!

Are we living our own lives? Are we living with ourselves? It doesn’t seem so. Nowadays we are busy trying to live other people’s lives. And no matter what we do that’s not possible. Its become a natural urge to stay connected with someone or the other. Through their status updates, their “likes” and their world! If someone has written something witty, what do you do? You want to write something better or comment on that persons post just to be a part of it! If you are sitting around with family, or even alone, you feel like pulling out your cell phone and sending text messages to someone. But wait! Is this all necessary?

My hand, my fingers and my face is different from every person on this planet. Why is that so? Maybe because, my life and the path it is taking is also as different from every person on this planet. Yet we continue trying to make our lives like the people around us. Thinking that if so and so is talking about a certain topic, I need to do the same. Or, if so and so has the ideal job, I need the same. The affect of your action, no matter how similar they are to another’s, will be totally worlds apart.

How many of us spend a few moments of the day talking to ourselves? How many of us ask ourselves how we are doing and what we are up to? I don’t mean literally talking to one’s self aloud, you might be labeled as a mad man doing so, however, in my opinion that is totally sane. We don’t! And that is why we are confused! That is why we do not know where we are going in life. Clearly, we have someone else’s map in our hands! That is why it makes no sense.

Stop! Just stop doing what everyone else is doing! Your path of life is a distinct feature and needs to be handles as distinctly as itself. Following the teaching of our religion or even what we have learnt in our academic life, is just a mode to move through our dwindling maze. Study and learn from people and history, but remember, your outcome will not be the same! Sounds odd, but we can never replicate the circumstance that others have gone through to get to a particular point.

Self-reflection, contemplation, and looking into the depth of one’s self is an important aspect of life we all need to learn. Taking time to bring out in front of your eyes, your life, where it’s headed and to analyse whether or not its going in the appropriate direction. This is a simple rule to be the unique being Allah has created you to be! You want to make a difference in the world, this is what you need to do.

May Allah grant us the wisdom to accept the beauty of individuality!


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