Destination Jannah

April 19, 2012

I have boarded my ship and set sail

On my way to meet Allah.

I see nothing at a distance

But I know deep down inside

It is just a veil!


The water is calm now

But I’ve seen its bad side.

It throws me here and there

And makes me lose my way.

I am alone on this ship

I can either hold the wheel or set the sail!


At times I feel I have not the capacity to find my way,

I need help…

I can’t do this on my own.

In distress…This is what I say!


Is there someone out their who’d like to join me on this voyage?

You can hold the wheel while I set the sail.

Together we can take turns,

To keep from losing our way!


If this is what you choose,

There is not much you lose.

Because from then on,

Life will be like a cruise!


There is no longer darkness,

Because when you lose your way,

I will show you the light you need.

And when I lose mine…

I know who will be there to shine!


And  there is no longer fear,

Because our cause is one.

Towards Allah we shall run!







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