Allah’s Love

January 12, 2012

Tired of being depressed, sorrowful, and annoyed with life? You are not to worry! That’s the beautiful thing about life! Allah Subhana-wa-taala has put peace and comfort, even in such circumstance! Don’t believe it? Its true!

Life was taking its toll on me and I started to feel as if I had lost the love of Allah. But the problem did not lie in Allah’s love towards me, but in the definition I had made in my mind about how Allah loves! I always thought that being loved by Allah meant that life would become easy, smooth and free from worries! I was wrong! A man named Hamza Tzortzis made me realize the flaw in my definition just by saying a few phrases! To begin with, he said “Allah is with those who are patient”. Who are the people who have to be patient? Someone with a life he wants, having life go the way he wants it to? Or someone having a difficult time, not happy with life and what he is getting from it? Its the latter who has to be patient! Now let me ask you, would you rather be with your Creator while passing through this phase called life? Or would you rather get everything you want in life and forget that its just a phase in our actual existence?

This got me thinking, and then he said something which was what actually proved me wrong! He was narrating how at times Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his family would have nothing to eat for days! Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Allah’s most beloved creation, for whom Allah created this entire universe, had to face such difficulties! So I was definitely wrong!

I then sought for what attaining Allah’s love means and what you can feel when you are receiving it. Its the state of ones heart and mind that determines whether one is being loved by Allah or not. No matter what your physical condition is, a calm and satisfied heart is one that is at peace, and that peace is called Allah’s love. No matter what your psychological condition is, a calm and collected mind is one that is at peace, and that peace is called Allah’s love. Acceptance of one’s conditions as a blessing from Allah comes only when ones heart and mind is in a state of peace.

How is one to attain such peace? There are two important actions that can be done to achieve this goal. The remembrance of Allah through Zikr and by reading of the Holy Quran. I’m talking from experience! Its been a few days since I started focusing on these two deeds and I have started feeling the change. I can feel this amazing comfort in my heart and this calmness in my mind.

The love of parents cannot be replaced by anyone else, because its pure, and unconditional! That is one thing only Allah can provide, first through our parents and then directly from Him when we become old enough to understand. Without this love in your life is like…


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