January 9, 2012

Wake up! Watch the majestic sun conquer the darkness! See the horizon light up! Once again darkness has fallen and light has prevailed! This is what I feel when I wake up! The morning sun charges me up with positivity! I am ready to face the new day with all the abilities I’ve been bestowed with! Allah-ho-Akbar! (Allah is the Greatest)

I need to stop sleeping late and need to start waking up early! Before the sun rises! Watch it rise and see how every new day brings hope and happiness into this world! Then spend my day with this amazing thought! You don’t realize the importance of what elders say, until you don’t experience it yourself. But that too, if you stop to notice that what you are experiencing is what you were once told, by them. There is no doubt about the fact that Allah helps those who help themselves and Allah opens the eyes of those who reflect over His creations!

I think the worst decisions I’ve made in my life were at night and the best were in the morning! I know for a fact that the night brings with it all other darkness apart from its physical form, like sorrow, depression, anger, envy and the list goes on and on! You tend to get affected by the darkness of the night to make the wrong choices. But that doesn’t mean that you can never make the right ones at night. It’s just that goodness is more on your side in the early hours of the day!

We are bringing ourselves to destruction on our own. Look at our lifestyle! Is this what our ancestors taught us? Just because we have electricity we’ve given up the blessing of an early morning and an early night! This has led to nothing but sickness, depression and not waking up for Fajr prayers! The biggest loss is missing your morning prayers! If you can’t wake up for your Lord there’s no meaning of life, you are as good as dead! It’s just another day living like a selfish being thinking of nothing but yourself! We don’t put Allah before our own selves, therefore, we lose our way. It’s like walking into a cave without a torch! Even animals start their day with prayer and praise of their Creator! Who are we to neglect such a deed?

One thought leads me to another!

Mold your day according to the five daily prayers and your life will change! The mistake we make is placing our prayers second to all our other work! Push yourself to goodness! Make the right choices for yourself, for your life! It’s a gift we’ve been given and its our duty to do justice to it by living it the way it should be lived!

O Allah you have created us and to You we are to return! May we be able to attain Your forgiveness when we are brought in front of You! We are weak and to You we turn for assistance! Please help us live life the way You want us to…to the fullest! Ameen!

Written for LOYALS ( )


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