The Life of a Feeling

November 10, 2011

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…the clouds start to grumble…a slight breeze carries the smell of the wet earth from a distance….and large drops of rain start to splat on the road in front of me. I am suddenly startled by a flash of lightning and anxiously wait for the awe-inspiring thunder to follow it through. A gush of wind crosses my face and makes a shiver crawl down my back! I look up at the sky with squinted eyes, a ray of light forces me to pinch them even narrower. From within the clouds emerges a majestic rainbow, each and every band of color vivid as can be! I am engulfed in the peace and tranquility of the moment! I have just experienced a theatrical display of art in the making! From behind the dark angry clouds, a splash of colors sweeps across the sky!

Warmth, is what I just felt! A feeling of security! Because it made me realize, that, after every storm comes a rainbow, and after every downpour comes a breeze, and after every hardship comes an ease! So if your life is grumbling or flashing with pain and agony, it’s going to lead to something great! You just have to wait with a pinch of faith!

A moment of pure beauty, gives birth to a feeling! That feeling sinks down into your soul. Will you suppress it or express it?

Suppressing ones feelings is like pushing them into a closet. After it’s placed there, another one comes along. You plan on pushing that in too. Soon your closet is filled with so many unprocessed feelings that you have no clue of what to do with them! It’s like a messy stack of junk that is waiting to topple. One pull at any piece and the entire mound comes rolling out! Then you don’t have a choice of which one should come first. It ends up in a disaster!

Expressing it, on the other hand, takes you to an entirely different realm. In this realm, the feeling that had no shape and form, has become visual or audible. This is when the feeling, gives birth to new feelings in someone else and that feeling is totally independent of yours as it has a different carrier. However, your feeling has now been processed and can now be neatly displayed out on top of your closet. It will now show the world what you are within. How you process a feeling and deal with it is all present there in your work of expression. Once you depart this world, that feeling is gone, gone forever, as no one can experience it the way you did. And that marks the end of a feeling. That visual or audible piece of expression will inculcate feelings in others but as I said earlier, those will never be the same!

For those of you who know a little about Operating Systems, a feeling is somewhat like a thread, it is created and it is processed, and then it dies with its parent thread. And even in these systems there are threads known as zombie threads which are left unattended and cause disasters for the operating system.

My advice, DEAL WITH YOUR FEELINGS NOW! Express them in a beautiful way! Life will change for you! You want to be happy! Give this a shot!


One Response to “The Life of a Feeling”

  1. Tammy Says:

    I agree Ghazi. We have to deal with things as they occur. Otherwise, they might manifest in ways that aren’t as positive.

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