The Beauty Within

November 10, 2011

Art is expression! We need to express ourselves to know, that what we feel inside, is real! To actually visualize those feelings. Put a little life in to life! Not knowing what our feelings are saying to us is no less than being tortured! By letting it out, we are doing an amazing thing. And that is, revealing Allah’s beauty that is hidden within us!

Beauty can be categorized in two parts. External or Revealed Beauty and Internal or Hidden Beauty which I prefer to call, The Beauty Within. Both are solely Allah’s copyright! We’re just playing the role of the manikins, displaying His art!

creativity + imagination = art

let imagination = infinity (there is no limit to imagination)

which leads to the final equation

art = infinity

Allah is infinite and therefore art belongs to Him alone. What we do is just a mimic of His work, which is far from perfection. As perfection too belongs to Him alone!

Poets, writers, painters, musicians, and even cooks are all artists (or mimicist as I’d like to call them)! Expressing their feelings and emotions (the beauty within) not to show the world how talented they are, but to let free those feelings and emotions, trapped inside them, that are ready to transition to the external phase of existence.

Art when used for self-expression is a blessing to the world, as it gives birth to new ideas. However, when artists think of their art as their sole creation, done completely by their own effort and creativity, things become messy. As I mentioned earlier, we are merely mimicking Allah’s works of art. And the mode of expression too, is Allah’s creation, be it a sight, sound, smell or taste.

A reminder: our mind, which is the core of our creativity, is Allah’s magnificent work as well.

A true mimicist is one who absorbs Allah’s art through his five senses and lets that sink into his soul and after ample contemplation, bursts out like a blooming blossom tree in spring. He who is inspired by this blossom tree is several degrees less of a mimicist, or should I say a mimicist of a mimicist. As the quality of the work of art degrades, down the heirarchy, so does the power of inspiration!

A quick recollection of a previous post “Beauty and the Beast”:

The more and more we start drifting away from nature, the more we start losing the nature in ourselves. We are stuck in a concrete jungle, with cars, mobile phones, TVs, computers and everything that keeps us from our natural selves. Not long ago, people would go down to the river near they’re town. Have a picnic, and enjoy the fresh air. Just to keep in touch with nature. Listening to the birds sing their songs, watching the sun rise, watching the sun set! Picking flowers and climbing trees. Letting the sun and breeze soak their skin! Till then, everything still had its charm and beauty.

Until we do not go far far away from technology, machinery, and pollution, we will never be able to find the true beauty within us. It requires a great deal of meditation, solitude and peace in order to hear what the heart has to say! And trust me, it has a great deal to say!

If you want to be a true mimicist, then you need to free you self from the ropes of materialism which keep your hot air balloon from rising high up into the sky. So that you can view this world with a bird’s-eye view. See things differently and indulge in the true essence of Allah’s art! I truly believe that if you puts your heart and mind into something…anything, no one can come between you and your goal!


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