September 4, 2011

Money, people, things, places…why do we depend on them? We attach ourselves to something or the other, only to get hurt, eventually, because one day, that money, that person, that thing or that place will cease to exist. They are only an anchor to the ship we sail in. Not only do they hold us from carrying on on our journey, but also are a cause of a disaster when a storm comes around. How? Let me explain.

There are somethings that are eternal, and some that are not. The above mentioned things are definitely not. Which is the basis of my case I put forward today! Life, an average span of 60 years, is too short to hang onto things like these. Thinking that money will be the only way to survive. I disagree, and this is why…you see people who have rooms full of money, and those who don’t have any, both living. You might be thinking, well those with oodles of money have no problems and no worries. The severity of their miseries are equal to those living in tents. Money does not protect you from illnesses, accidents, or even DEATH! So whats the money doing? Oh wait, yeah you can buy the latest iPhone, and if you have too much of it, maybe the latest Lamborghini Aventador. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to bits for a day or two, but there will be no inner satisfaction what so ever. The happiness which gives you that type of satisfaction come from things like seeing your child take its first few steps, or when you see a rainbow in the sky. Both the rich and poor are given such happiness without any discrimination. In fact, the poor appreciate these moments more than the rich!

To explain the dependency on people is the tough one. And I’m sure very few will agree with me on this. At the end of the day everyone leaves you behind, or you leave them behind. Death is a horrible reality! Mother, father, brother, sister, wife, child, friend,  and everyone else around us, their time is ticking, and so is ours. To some extent, attachment is a must, and I wont argue with that, but to the extent of dependency, is a mistake we all make. Orphans survive, and so do those in old homes. Who do they have to depend on? No one, yet they live a life with happiness, sorrow and all the baggage that come along with it. Yes, the loss of someone beloved to you is a source of great sorrow, however, it passes, for everyone. That’s just the way it works!

Things, on the other hand are usually, further associated with money or people, so I won’t spend time explaining that. Places are just places. A home you grew up in, or a country you spent your childhood in was just the stage, for that scene in life, and once the scene has ended, the next stage has to be set up, and the props have to be replaced. But the characters remain the same. And once again life carries on, there’s no stopping it.

Then what is it that we should depend on. Nothing? No, there is one thing without which life is meaningless. I repeat myself again and again, but that’s something I have to do to remind myself. I’m not perfect and depend on many of the things I have discussed. I have strong attachments with people and things, and always keep fearing that if I lose them, it will be the end of everything, but it wont, it’ll just be a day or month or heartbreak, it’ll pass. But if what I’m telling you is what I manage to achieve myself, there will be no sorrow and no heartbreak. That one thing, which I keep repeating is, our relationship with Allah (God, or whichever name you have for Him). Allah’s existence is eternal. And so is our relationship with Him. Whether it’s in this life or the next. However, it’s the way we maintain the bond in this life, which will determine its status in the next. The more time, money and energy you will spend on it, the stronger it will get. Reinforce that rope that connects you to Him. DEPEND ON HIM! Trust me on this one! You wont regret it!

Today I was given news of a class fellow of mine who has finally realized that there are values to be kept, and a way to spend ones life. I’m really happy for him! May Allah bless him for his thoughts and may they become actions! You’ve come around man! You know what popped into my head when I heard the news. It was like when Khalid bin Waleed became a Muslim. Having a strong, influential person, find his way back to the right path is what our Ummah needs!


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