Thanking the Bad for the Good

July 17, 2011

I thank all those cruel, materialistic, self-centered, and inconsiderate people, for they have helped me appreciate all the humane, genuinely friendly, selfless, and considerate ones! But I do realize that people are not born at any one of those extremes (cruel or humane), it is the circumstances which make him or her that way. Allah has created everything with a balance, as I mentioned in an earlier post of mine, and that balance is disrupted by us human beings in all way. In this case, some unhappy parent (who treats his children or spouse inhumanely), unfortunate event, or anything that affects ones emotions adversely, is what makes one go to the negative extreme. And if one experiences the opposite he or she ends up at the positive one.  And of course those who have been through both, remain in between.

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to meet several interesting people at a wedding, all of them so different from one another, but each one radiating a positive vibe! They were full of energy, and potential to make this world a better place. And the first thing that make me like or dislike a person is how they look at you, and you can tell if they are judging you, instantaneously.  The people I met surely didn’t, and that’s what made me like them!

There are people out there, good people, who think so differently from the masses, these people are the one who actually take the first steps to bringing about a change, in the society, country and the world as a whole. There are two kinds of people, leaders, and followers. There are very few leaders compared to followers. The followers need a platform and a guide to ignite their potential. The leaders, being the guides, have the ability to bring out the best in those who follow them. That is what a true leader is all about.

If you are a follower, find yourself a leader. If you are a leader, find yourself some followers. And together you can mold the world into what you want it to be!

I know I am a person who easily categorizes people into good or bad and find it difficult to give them second chances. I find that to be one of by biggest flaws. And I am trying to control it. As I said earlier, no one is bad from the start, they just need happier moments in life to make them tip over to being better human beings. They have it in them, and I have to give them the chance to come around. I hope they do, though. The grudges I keep will only end up as stones in my heart, so I really want to be more understanding and forgiving of people and their behavior that I dislike. I fear that if I am this way to Allah’s creations, He might be the same with me! Which is something I dread!

I’m sorry to all those who I’ve been cruel to and to those I’ve not given second chances to, and to those who I dislike because of how they are or how they treat me! May Allah forgive me for being so hard on others! Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) was the most forgiving and loving person, who ever lived! Allah please bless me with those qualities as well! Ameen!


2 Responses to “Thanking the Bad for the Good”

  1. Tammy Says:

    You are truly blessed to offer such wise words. Within hardship and cruelty, we are able to compare and understand the blessing that we receive in kindness and goodness. Thank you Ghazi.

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