A Blink of an Eye

May 24, 2011

I have to stop time for a moment. Its gone by so fast! I need to process the fact that four years of my life have gone by in a place which I once never knew of. And now all that’s left with me are memories! Loads and loads of memories! Good ones, bad ones, sad ones and each and every one of them have changed me in one way or the other. Not only have I managed to become an engineer, but have also learnt a tremendous deal about life!

Thank you Allah! You’ve been by my side all this way! And I couldn’t have taken a single breath without You wanting me to! You kept me safe as I drove back and forth from my house to university! You gave me the strength face different kinds of people! You made the easy courses easier for me and the difficult courses possible for me to pass!  You have been my potential energy and You have been my kinetic energy! I hope I can come up to your expectations! That too I can’t do without You so please be by my side to do that too! And on the day when I am called in front of You I hope you forgive my sins! I hope you accept the little insignificant deeds I’ve done! I don’t know if I did my best in those. But I think I did try!

Teacher’s! Our guides! Our light! Thank you! Thank you Sir Amir Munir for showing us the right way. For reminding us time and time again that life is not all about studies, jobs, fun and games! Thank you for helping us realize that we have responsibilities towards Allah, and that without fulfilling those we are nothing but animals following the fixed pattern of life and death and everything in between. Thank you Sir Azhar Rauf! For your amazing ways of keeping us focused in studies with the help of our Creator, Who is the only Helper that is capable of getting us through life! Thank you Sir Hassan Kayani for the amazing things you would share with us that shook our conscience which helped us correct the numerous flaws we have in us! And thank you Sir Aamer Hafeez, for giving us the professional advice we needed, and for having faith in our capabilities! Hats off to you for your efforts in giving us an amazing Open House! And each and every teacher who taught me and made me a better person, thank you! Not to forget the supporting staff who made the experience at FAST one which I will never forget, from the guards at the gate to each an every domestic and academic staff present at the university! Thank you!

To the dozens and dozens of friends I’ve managed to make at FAST! All I’d like to say is that you feel like family to me and nothing less! The seniors who guided me and gave me the bucking up I required to keep on going, meant a lot to me! My batch mates, my wonderful batch mates! We’ve had such a fabulous time together! Sad that all that’s left is memories! Now we all are going to take our own roads and go our separate ways! But I hope and pray that we stay in touch and if not that, at least remember each other in our prayers! InshAllah, eventually, we’ll all meet, in a place we’re destined to be! And my juniors, the most loyal and respectful friends I’ve ever had! Being the youngest in the family I had never experienced being an elder brother! But you guys gave me the respect and love that I had never gotten before! Be it Tamasha, Nascon, or any other such event that brought us together! I have a lot of regard for you! And InshAllah will be waiting for you to graduate so that I can give in a good word for you guys at the company I’ll be working in InshAllah!

I will miss these days, these people, these places! They all have a special place in my heart! May you all have prosperous lives! May Allah bless you all with the best, with all that you wish for and more! And in this age of distress and insecurity, may Allah protect you and your families! May Allah grant us the ability to fulfill your religious and worldly duties to the fullest of our capabilities!

What lies ahead is very uncertain! Where ever I look I see darkness! But what ever it is, my prayer is that may Allah bring out from amongst us an AbuBakr (R), Umar (R), Uthman (R), Ali (R), Aisha (R), and Fatimah (R), to guide our Ummah to eternal prosperity! Make us shine so bright that whoever sees our light knows that we are bringers of peace! We are Muslims! Ameen


6 Responses to “A Blink of an Eye”

  1. Husnain Iqbal Says:

    OMG Ghazi, that is pretty cool, u have written it for urself but it looks same fo all of us, especially for me.

    Love u bro,good luck

  2. Tammy Says:

    Congratulations Ghazi! What a wonderful accomplishment and I remember feeling exactly like you when I realized that the time had flown by. Do try to stay in touch with the friends that you’ve made – in the end that will be yet another blessing.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Thank you, its always nice looking back at the great times one has had, makes one feel grateful of having had such a great life, which in turn is a moral booster for the future. If Allah has brought us so far in such a great way, He will do the same in the future!

  3. Muhammad Jawad Says:

    Excellent Ghazi it was indeed wonderful.. u have grown up man…..:-)))

    Love u…….Dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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