Who’s Behind it All?

February 4, 2011

Millions of gallons of blood flowing through miles of arteries, trillions of molecules of oxygen being absorbed by the lungs, feeding the blood cells, each an every organ getting its share of blood! A flawless system working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and the years keep going by! Who is it? Who is it making sure everything is working properly? Is it you? Do you make sure that blood is reaching the tips of your toes or the ends of your ear lobes?

I have a 74 Beetle and making sure its running optimally is insanely difficult, impossible! Oil leaking from here and there, smell of fuel coming from inside the cabin. If I were in charge of maintaining myself, I would be long gone! It is my Allah making sure my body is functioning to the fullest! Not only mine, but the bodies of billions of human being, and the infinite other creations of His! From the sapling growing somewhere on the foothills of the Himalayas to the tiny sea creatures crawling in the depths of the Atlantic! SubhanAllah!

We all want to be loved. At some point in our lives we feel alone, and in need of love! But aren’t we being loved? Allah, our creator, hasn’t just created us, He loves us too! Just try to think about all those things which are constantly being done without us even having to worry about them! Let alone the precise movement of the planets and stars! I’ve mentioned this in my earlier posts several times, and I will mention it again! We need to believe this! Knowing that He’s there, He cares, is such a relief! Yes it is a high level of faith, and I’m not saying I’ve reached it! But I’d love to try! People might argue with my way of thinking! But just try to emulate the scenario in your head! Cutting loose of the world’s ropes, that hold us down, make us feel so dependent! Building that relationship with our Creator is so essential! Without it, we are headed into a cave, without light, bound to get lost, bound to get hurt!

Stop overlooking the blessing we’ve been bestowed with! Don’t take it for granted, for there are examples around us which prove that we are in control of nothing! It is His will which is what keeps us running! One command, and everything comes to a halt! You feel a pinching feeling in your heart, it has stopped, and moments later, the doors to your pride, fame and fortune have been locked. And no longer do the millions of gallons of blood flow through the miles of arteries, and no longer do the trillions of molecules of oxygen enter the blood stream. All systems have been shut down! Your time is up! Were you ready this?


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