Go That Extra Mile

January 10, 2011

What do you call that feeling you get when you are overcome with selflessness and you go an extra mile for some one who you have no connection to whatsoever? Making a heart beat faster, a smile grow wider, a glance last longer! Not because you are expecting something in return, but just because you are meant to do that deed that day! It’s an extremely exhilarating feeling!

I often tell people, that one should be a little selfish in order to survive in this highly competitive world, for your own good. But I am wrong! And this thought just struck me! Being selfish means, taking out time to care for yourself and ignoring the needs of others. At times, this totally sounds fair and it is. However, there is a trade-off which comes into play then. If you are caring for yourself, then your position in the list of others caring for you goes down as now you are less deserving of that care. Most importantly the care and love you receive from Allah. The more you try to make yourself independent from Him, the faster your life will shrivel up, like a tree getting no water! Even though it’ll be standing firm on the earth, it will lose its beauty and purpose. Not even able to provide shade!

Selflessness, being the opposite of selfishness, is the quality that can make you the lushest, shadiest, fruit bearing tree that ever existed! And then your position on the list of others caring for you will be at the top! People will lie in front of cranes, ready to give their life for you, not to let anyone cut you down. I need not mention how much love and care we will receive from Allah as this is a quality that was what defined Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)!

Give it a try, and see how it feels, sacrificing your time and energy for strangers! And you might become addicted to that feeling! At first, people will point and laugh at you or maybe even discourage you. They might say things like, “you won’t be able to reach anywhere in life if you don’t start thinking about yourself”, “people will take you for a ride”, and “first get your things settled then help others”. But before you give in to what they are saying, just remember that you are blocking the flow of water to your tree, and keep this picture in your mind:

The choice is yours. Go that extra mile, and in return receive care from the best Care-Taker, Allah, Who will fulfill your needs, even those that you are unaware of. Or give into selfishness and try taking care of yourself, and see how the world around you will become so barren like a dead tree in the middle of a desert!


One Response to “Go That Extra Mile”

  1. Tammy McLeod Says:

    This post is such a good reminder for us. It’s so easy to become self centered today, to think that we are what matters and to look out for ourselves. Then we have a situation where we experience humility and it brings that selflessness home. Thank you for this post, my friend.

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