Are You Alone?

December 26, 2010

From the time of birth till the time of death, you come across numerous relationships, starting from your mother and father to every person you meet and interact with! All these relationships have varying degrees of attachments. Some are emotional, and others, just material. You have a choice to make some relationships and there are also some which are made without you having a say in them. But the point I want to make here is that all these bonds are temporary, and do vanish some day or the other.

Is there any relationship which is eternal?

Yes there is! And that is the relationship between man and Allah. This relationship exists, whether you agree with it or not! It started long before we were even born and will never cease to exist! That is because Allah is Eternal and we might not live forever in this world, but we will in the next, whether it’s in Heaven or Hell(May Allah protect us all from the fires of Hell). The deciding factor is this very relationship and how we go about maintaining it.

Why are all other relationships temporary? Well this is not something too difficult to understand, although hard to digest. Everyone has to die, and that is the diminishing point of a worldly relation. However, death, being a random process makes the scenario partially different for everyone. Some might lose their parents, while others might lose their children. There’s no queue in this situation, as I said, its random. But the bottom line is, somewhere down the line, the person you depended on the most, will leave you behind, and there’s nothing you can do about it! At that point, you’ll feel alone, lost, and helpless. But a few days, weeks, or maybe months later, when that feeling will start to fade away, there will be some other relation who you will transfer your dependencies to. For example, your wife passes away, and after a some time of grieving, you make your children the ones, who you depend on the most. They too will eventually leave you behind. And maybe if you stick around long enough you might have no one left to attach yourself to.

But wait! There is a solution, and one which will make your existing relations much stronger and be beneficial in the long run. Strengthen your relationship with Allah, or if you haven’t started making your side of the relationship with Him, start today, because from His side, there is no question about how much He knows you, He has created you, no one else knows you better! He waits for you to turn to Him. His love for you is so great that even if you sin all our life, and finally one day, stop and turn to Him, He’s ready to forgive your past and give you a fresh start! Once you succeed in making a strong bond with Him, you will never ever be alone, lost or helpless again! He is going to be with you today, tomorrow, next year, at your funeral, and in your grave and even after that. If you’ve left Him to be a stranger, then His presence will be the same as being alone. But what if you make Him your friend? Aren’t you happier in a room full of family and friends rather than one in which you don’t know a single soul?

The very beauty of this relationship is, that the more you get to know Allah, the stronger you feel! Having the Creator of this world, that’s full of tests and trials, on your side is definitely a plus point! Knowing that it is He who is in control of you and the universe around you, gives you the key to unlock any mystery that comes your way, gives you will to battle through any hardship that tries to stop you on the road to success, and most importantly, gives you a shield to protect yourself from the evil of this world!

Peace is what we all are looking for, right? Well, having this conjuncture with Him means soaking your heart with peace! And such a heart makes you glow! And like a street light in a cold winter night, people swarm around you to find the warmth you have within!


2 Responses to “Are You Alone?”

  1. Tammy McLeod Says:

    That last sentence is beautiful! I love this post Ghazi. Sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up in the wordly but you’re right that the true peace comes from our relationship with Him. Someone told me that if you don’t feel as close to Him as you once did, then you can be sure which one of you moved away. I like this because we can always move back.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Thank you so much! May He bless us all with his closeness! It’s a lifetime struggle to stay close to Him, and many a times we tend to drift away. But I guess if we wouldn’t drift away, we wouldn’t realize the value of the nearness!
      Take Care

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