What? Who? Where? Why?

November 10, 2010

I am a human. I live on planet Earth. I am looking for something. Something to get me through this life. What is it? There are so many unanswered questions, loose ends! Where should I start?

What am I?

Who am I?

Where am I?

Why am I?

Maybe these questions don’t bother you today, but some time in life, these questions will hit you, you’ll be left dumbfounded, in a mess! But its bound to come! Until you are not able to answer these questions, you are going through life blind folded!

We all know what we are? Or do we not? We are human beings. Created superior over all other creatures in this world. It is obvious, as you don’t see whales, sharks, elephants or lions going around putting humans in cages or using them for their material gains. Why are we superior? We have been given the ability to make choices, question things, and make decisions about how we want to go about living our lives. All other creatures don’t.

Who are we? I’ve been wanting to write about this through the concept of Master and Slave. But in today’s world, this concept isn’t easily understandable because there are no actual masters and slaves that we see or hear about. However, there is no doubt about the fact that the one who creates something has exclusive rights over that thing and can do what he or she pleases to do with it. Therefore, the creator is the master of the object and the object is the slave. We have been created by Allah. Allah, who has created everything else that we see, hear, feel, and even those that we don’t. He can do what He pleases with us. He has given us this life, and everything else necessary to deal with it. But there are somethings we have to give Him in return. That is respect and obedience. By now you might be thinking that the masters we know of, of the past, have been tyrants, and the slaves have been victims of cruelty. The case here is different, in the sense that Allah is our Master, the best Master. And He has given much more that what He asks in return. But us being His slaves, very fortunate slaves, have to wake up and accept the fact that at the end the strings are in Allah’s hands and we are totally dependent on Him.

Where am I? This world, the one we are living in currently, it temporary. There might be a pattern to how we come to this world, but how we go is the most uncertain thing ever. Which makes the point of temporary clear, something that is for a limited time only. The time being unknown to us all. Which means that we should live like we are about to die. Sounds a little harsh, however, the more we attach ourselves to this temporary life, the more difficult it becomes to accept what’s to come next.

Why am I? I find this question, the most difficult one to answer. But having some insight about the above questions makes it a little easier. Being the superior creatures on this planet, we have a greater part to play. Being slaves of our Lord, Allah, we have responsibilities to tend to. Being in a temporary abode, we have preparations to do for our journey ahead. Which answers our last question!

Having completed these questions, it suddenly seems so straight forward, and simple. Yeah, I know it’s not, but knowing our objectives is better than going into the battlefield, not knowing what we’re up against. The greatest part about knowing who our creator is makes everything so much more doable, because we know who to turn to when we’re stuck!

Good luck to everyone out there trying to make sense of their lives! May Allah guide us all to the path on which his chosen people have traveled! Ameen


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