October 25, 2010

Inspiration, something that doesn’t come that easily, requires thought! Looking at things with a perspective with which others don’t! You might think, there are only certain things that are thought-provoking, but if you look closer, even an ant crawling up a wall and continuously falling down, can cause you to think! I once heard a story about someone who was inspired by an ant! I don’t remember who that story was about. But there was a man who was on the verge of giving up, and as he sat thinking of how miserable things had become he noticed an ant climbing a wall. It went up, then tumbled down, then back up again. This kept happening, but the ant did not stop trying. The man was shook by the determination of such a tiny creature, and realized that he had no excuse of giving up.

Quality lies in detail! However, you need to notice the detail to understand the quality! The importance of thinking, just stopping our fast paced lives for a moment and realizing that things are not only what they seem to be, is so great, that without it we are losing out on a lot. Life is all about learning from ones surroundings, and each and every thing can teach you if you wish to be taught!

The amazing thing about thinking is that, at any moment, it can spark the fuse of inspiration, and make you do wonders with it. I, being a blog writer have experienced this phenomenon, and its like magic! Once the fuse is lit, words start pouring into my head, just the way I want them to, and I am able to express myself. And as I write, the knots in my head start to loosen up! By the end of the piece, the barrier that was blocking my mental vision, becomes as transparent as air!

You are thinking all the time, but it’s mostly haphazard. When you are alone, in the dark, and in silence, it’s an ideal environment to think. You focus your thoughts on one thing and explore it, dissect it, until you find the treasure it has, stored inside it, the treasure of knowledge!

We all know that we use a very minute percentage of our brain, then why are we so afraid to think, it’s not like we’ll run out of space 😛

Give it a shot, see what an amazing thing it is, how it can help in changing your life! There’s no harm in trying 🙂


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