It’s not, WHAT! It’s, HOW and WHY!

October 21, 2010

I learnt a few new things today, and thought I’d share them with you.

Life is an infinite progression of deeds. Sleeping, eating, studying, working and everything else you do, be it night or day! These deeds are what we are to answer for when the progression finally comes to an end. Deeds can either be good or bad. But one might think, how can sleeping be a good or bad deed. This is where the beauty of Islam, which we all know is not a religion but a way of life, comes into play! There are two major aspects which define a deed, its intention and the way it is performed.

We might feel that life becomes so difficult if we have to start thinking of doing everything in a certain way, and not just doing them the way we like. But the fact is that doing things the way Allah likes is what’s best for us. It doesn’t make an atom of a difference to Allah if we don’t. Why does a mother teach her child to do things the right way? The child could even learn from its surrounding, a human is quite capable doing so. It is the love the mother has for her child, to protect it from whats wrong and guide it in a way which will be beneficial. Allah’s love for us is many times greater than that of a mother! If anything, life becomes easier, doing things the right way!

These things never seem to make sense. The reason being, society having left the proper ways, has led to the lack of physical acceptance of the things we read or hear about them. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say! If you’ve never seen an airplane and someone tells you about it, you’ll have quite a difficult time digesting the fact that something so huge can fly in the sky. It’s not until you actually see it, that you believe it!

Let me stop you here to talk a little bit about belief. The heart is the abode of belief, not the tongue, nor the brain nor any other part of the body. We say that we believe in a lot of things, but we actually don’t, because we’ve just said them with our tongue, and not given it a place in our hearts. How are you suppose to make room for belief in your heart? Its simple! There are four gates to the heart. The eyes, the tongue, the ears and the mind. Use all these gates to get your beliefs to enter your heart!

The more you’ll see people do good deeds, the more you’ll hear them talking about good deeds, the more you’ll talk about good deeds and the more you’ll think about good deeds is how you’ll let them sink into you heart, your life!

I’ll leave you here with something to ponder over. Nothing happens, but by the grace of Allah! This belief is the foundation of Islam, the key stone to keep our faith from crumbling to dust, and in this we must BELIEVE!!!


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