All tied up?

October 13, 2010

All my life I kept tying knots to a peg, but one day I realized that, that peg wasn’t even in the ground. I tried furiously to push it into the ground, but everywhere I looked there was sand and no solid ground! The wind blew and just next to me a peg appeared from under the sand, it was firmly lodged into the Earths crust. The only way I could keep from flying away was to tie myself to that peg. But unfortunately, I was all out of rope! I started untying the ropes that were tied to the loose peg. The knots were old and stiff. I struggled to untie them! Days passed and I was still where I started. Sometimes, I felt like giving up, but then the thought of the storm that would take me away if I wasn’t tied up properly, would shake me up, and I would start off again.

The past week or so has been one of great dilemma for me! In my head there is a battlefield where contradicting thoughts battle it out to prove themselves! They have so many differences that it’s not possible to get them to work side by side! The fundamental aspects of life if not understood correctly at the right age, makes it really difficult for one to correct at a later stage! It is now, that i realize how every little thing around you, be it music, TV, or people, affect the way you think. It is not necessary, in fact, a majority of the time, that what the society is doing, is what is right! But because that’s what you are seeing, you tend to absorb a lot of it!

This is a story of finding the truth and struggling to board the ship sailing to success.

Ramadan was coming to an end, and that feeling of sorrow was setting in. I remembered that every year, after Ramadan, I slip back into my bad habits and laziness. I prayed to Allah, to keep me from slipping again this time. A few days after that, I was told about a weekly sermon that is held in a mosque near my place. I’ve known about it, but I never went to check it out. However, since it was Ramadan, I thought I should go listen to what the scholars have to say.

For the first time in my life, I felt that I had actually learned something useful in life! Something which meant success and nothing else! They talked about how unpredictable life is, and that we might just have to depart this life without useful luggage. In order to attain the essentials we are to please Allah. And the way to do that is to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We are doing the right things in life, that is; studying, working hard at a job, supporting a family. But there is a flaw in our intentions. There are two branches, one, our role in this world, and two, our requirements of this world. We have made the above mentioned things our role, whereas they are only our requirements. I’m sure I can’t explain it as clearly as they did, but I’m trying. Our role in this world is to please Allah and our goal is to return to Him in a state which He desires. All other things are just required to help us pass through this world. It is obvious that without the requirement of this world we are unable to prepare for the next but that doesn’t justify the fact that we have forgotten our true role and goal.

Let me clear this with an example. There is a man, he wakes up every day, goes to work, and the entire day he thinks of how he’s going to go about getting a promotion, or how much more money he requires to buy a car of his dreams. He comes home, and talks to his children about their studies, how essential it is for them to get good grades in order to be successful in life. And then he goes off to bed, and this routine continues until one day he dies! This man worked hard, supported a family, and did all the needful things, but there was never a moment in his life where he thought that his Creator sent him to this world for another reason.

Now there is another man, he works as hard as the first one, but instead of thinking about promotions and cars, he contemplates about how he can spend his money in a way which will please Allah. He comes home to his children, and tells them to get good grades and do so by improving the quality of their prayers so that they will be successful in this world and the next. He goes of to bed praying to Allah, thanking Him for the gifts He has bestowed on him and asking forgiveness for the sins he committed that day.

I put these two men in front of you to decide which one is better off!

All my life I’ve  seen people like the first one I described. Everything around me tells me that it’s a good job, a beautiful wife, amazing children, a big house and an expensive car, from which I will receive happiness and peace, and will succeed in life! But no where did I hear or see the later! Or maybe I was too young to understand the meaning of what Islam had to say. I was taught how to perform all my religious obligations, but I never really absorbed their essence. But now that I have come across the true meaning of life, I’m finding it difficult to transition towards it!

I just hope and pray that I am able to untie my old knots and tie new ones, in time! Ameen!

There’s a lot more I learn at the sermons I try attending every week, which I will share some other time. But just stop for a moment and question your intentions, try reordering them, it’s a long and difficult process, so it better to start today!


6 Responses to “All tied up?”

  1. kdee Says:

    Reading your post I was reminded of something I wrote an year ago
    ‘Heartbroken I was to know that other end of the slender thread holding my dwindling faith was held in my own hand.I decided to take the risk of trusting my faith, though late but I am glad I finally did…it’s my sword, it’s my shield, it’s my strong & very own faith’

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Sorry for replying so so late….been distracted with things. We should constantly sharpen our swords and reinforce our shields, as the journey keeps getting rougher and rougher….May Allah keep us in His protection always, Ameen 🙂

  2. Mahwish Says:

    When I read your post I was reminded of this dialog I read in my attempt of learning Persian language. This is a beautiful dialog between the verses of Allama Iqbal & Maulana Rumi. I know It might be hard to grasp at start and needs alot of Fikr. My opinion is that the true essence of Islam is in the Tarbiyat of Khudi.

    I found an easy to understand version for you on youtube! A gift for you….Food for thought….hope you like it!!!

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Alhamdulillah, our parents have put in a lot of effort for us to fulfill our religious duties. But if we don’t strengthen our faith in Allah, which is the first pillar of Islam, we don’t attain the blessings of our duties to the fullest. And yeah without fikr you can’t get anything, no pain no gain 🙂

  3. Tammy McLeod Says:

    oh, you’ve captured the essence of the failed human condition! I like your analogy to the peg that is anchored in firm soil and the other which flops about. It is always a challenge. We have a saying that is “if you don’t feel as close to God as you once did, you can be certain about which one of you moved”. Thank you for your post.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Love the saying! Allah is there always…waiting for us to turn to Him! May we all wake up in time to realize this and find our way to peace and success!
      May Allah bless you! 🙂

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