Setting Sail

August 25, 2010

Twenty two years ago, I set sail, into the sea of mortality! The waters were unknown, but there was nowhere else to go! The sea is never static, its dynamic quality is what makes it so similar to how life is! Sometimes rough, sometimes smooth! But there are some things that don’t change! The sky above never changes, be it night or day, it hangs there, protecting us! Allah has put his qualities in His creations, and He protects us from harmful things, just like the sky does from the radiations of the sun! Yes, storms do come, winds do blow, but at the end of the day everything else goes away, except the sky! The water below never changes, it’s the same water which we keep sailing on! Just like the waves, time keeps ticking away, pushing our life forward, but it’s there, whether we are young or old, it doesn’t let go!

Alhamdulillah, the sea is calm today, the sky is clear and I am happy! And this is the time I can use to sit back and ponder over how life works. I don’t think there is any fixed answer for that, but it’s always good to find one! I was watching a program on TV and the host (Junaid Jamshed) was explaining the importance of Namaz, how it’s what makes and breaks life! The magnitude of its reward is unmeasurable, however, to bring it into perspective we can see how it plays a role in one’s life in this world! Rizk, is everything one desires, be it food, clothing, shelter, transport, marriage, children, anything! If you do not pray, that Rizk is limited to only the amount you need to survive. But if you do, then its like getting to go into a shopping mall and taking anything you want free of cost! You desire, and its yours! Stop and see for yourself, you might not see it coming at first, or many-a-times you might overlook it! But its awesome!

When you are at peace, that’s the right time to look back at the hard times, and understand why they happened. Maybe the answer won’t be the one you are looking for but it will make sense! So don’t hesitate to use that time to find the answers to the things that once made you want to run away from life! And what you will see, will make a chill run up your spine, Allah’s love is what you’ll observe, that what happened, happened for the best! I was with friends the other day, and one of them said something really thought-provoking. He said that we should accept what ever comes our way, and that way you’ll be able to make the most of what is at hand. Getting worked up about it wont get you what you want and what you have will also wash away in your tears!

Life is much more than I thought it was. I just hope that I get more clear days to get to understand it better. But if a storm is to come, may Allah give me the strength and patience to get through it! Where my ship will dock, that is unknown and uncertain, but I hope whats best for everyone happens!


4 Responses to “Setting Sail”

  1. kdee Says:

    Yup the time when heart & mind are at peace is the perfect time to realize how blessed we are,no matter how small that blessing may appear to us.Well said bro 🙂
    May Allah guide us all in the process of constructive and healthy self analysis.

  2. Tammy McLeod Says:

    I also believe that reflection back often teaches amazing lessons. I heard someone say that if we will approach each difficult situation (be it an illness, a difficult co-worker, financial struggle, etc…) as a gift given to us to learn from then it is much easier to realize the blessings as we go.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      I had been waiting for your feedback on my posts as its always something I look forward too. We tend to get lost in the difficulties and forget why they are there. I guess we should constantly remind ourselves that these hardships are for our own good!
      I hope your doing good! Take care, and thanks for the comment 🙂

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