Road of Life

August 11, 2010

The scorching heat of the sun, the blazing asphalt beneath, I lumber down the road of life! A unique road, life is! And everyone has their own road! Similar in many ways, yet so different! We’re all headed down a road, a path unknown!

Each road is made from the same material. It lies on the same surface, in the same dimension. Where are these roads headed? They are converging, all of them to one single point! That Point is death! It’s not the end though. From that Point, as we all know, we will be either sent to heaven or hell. How will that be determined? By our actions that have been recorded all the way down to that Point!

But today I want to talk about the road! The Point is another discussion! The question that has been bothering me is, why does grass always seem greener on the other side of the fence? The roads of others are visible from where I’m standing! Some seem so smooth, without barriers, without pot holes! Is that just a figment of my imagination? It can’t be such a smooth ride for anyone! It might seem so, but it isn’t. What got me thinking was a video of Free Runners, they are athletes who play an amazing sport! And while seeing those videos, I felt as if I was missing out on life! It seemed to me that they were having a time of their life, and that, that life is definitely worth living!

After some pondering, I came to a conclusion. Desires are endless, but life isn’t! You can’t be everything you dream of being! You can’t be an athlete, a musician, artist, writer, photographer, scientist, scuba diver and chef all in the same life! It’s just not possible, its beyond the capacity of a human being! Yes, you can try to be as many of them as you want, but you can’t get them all! And not only this, but what might seem like the perfect road from a distance, is not so perfect. Life isn’t meant to be perfect, at least not this life! I’m pretty sure, those free runners don’t have the ideal lives, maybe some of them aren’t educated, maybe some of them have family issues, , maybe some of them don’t even have family to go to! Which brings me to the fact that I was just being ungrateful for all the things I have had, which they might not have had! A loving family, a home, a proper education, and other uncountable things which I take for granted every day!

The moral of the day, for me is, be happy with what you have, try to achieve what you don’t have, and if that’s not possible, then don’t envy others, because their road might be decorated with lamp posts, benches and beautiful trees, but only he who walks on the road knows its realities!


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