August 10, 2010

Wants are infinite! Resources are finite! This is what I was told in my Engineering Economics class today! It got me thinking! Want, is what our heart desires! If we keep listening to our heart…our wants will keep coming and coming! Its natural. But I think it should be controlled! It’s not easy at all but it’s necessary! Necessary for eternal peace!

I’ve been wanting something for more than two years now. I’ve got a part of it, but now my heart desires more! And this want of mine is making me go crazy! I think about it all day and all night! I keep trying to tell myself that what I’ve gotten is enough for right now! For a while I attain the peace I require, and then moments later its back! I’m lost in my desires, and I’m not the same person I was before. It’s all about me, and that’s not right!

My country is in shambles! People are dying, of floods, hunger, terrorism! But what am I doing? Thinking about something I desire! Don’t you think all those people have desires too, but I doubt they even have a second to think about them. There are uncountable¬†necessities they have to worry about! Desires for them are like a fantasy. Something that will never come true! I get a part of what I want and I’m still not satisfied! How ungrateful can one be!

I know for a fact that even if I get what I want, there will be something else I’ll want the very next day! It’s not that the thing I want won’t make me happy! But this is how things work, once the Want is achieved that no longer remains a Want, and the heart finds something else to chase after! Ironically, I WANT to have control over what my heart desires! If I look back at my definition of want, why would a heart have the desire to control its desires! Sounds odd, but its something I want. Maybe my definition is flawed.

If anyone has an idea of how to deal with this, please help! Although the answer is right in front of me, I’m finding it hard to accept. I have to overlook my want, and start thinking of things other than that which is about me! That is what brings peace to the heart and soul!

I’ve written after quite a while, and it seems that I’ve ended up writing something not even worth reading! But I guess it’s just the phase I’m in which is making me feel this way!

I HAVE COME BACK TO EDIT THIS PIECE BECAUSE I’VE JUST COME ACROSS A MIRACLE! I opened a video of a song on Youtube someone has made, and it turns out that its exactly the thing I’m talking about, peoples desires and how others who are in no state to even think about those desires!


ALLAH HU AKBAR! Allah is Great! When you ask for help, and its pure, you get an answer!


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