July 19, 2010

I just discovered what relationships are based on. Their foundation, their essence lies in the memories! The memories shared by people, the feelings invoked in those memories are what relationships are all about! And every time you meet those people, past memories are refreshed and those amazing feelings return! We have no control over how the world works!

Last week my brother was invited to a friend’s wedding. I tagged along as usual, and we went for a Dholki. We both thought it would just be a regular thing in which we would just sit around and watch people prepare dances. But it turned out that we were to be a part of the dances too! The family was so loving and made us feel as if we too were a part of the family. From the grandmother to the grandchildren, each and every one, even the servants, treated us with such love and respect! I hadn’t felt this feeling in quite a while and I loved it! We continued going for dance practices and had a fabulous time! Sometimes preparing dances and other times just dancing to random songs! And every day when it was time to leave I would wish it would just keep going on!

The day of the Mehndi arrived and we were all ready and set to perform in front of the guests! We were so involved in the wedding which made it all the more memorable. Like brothers, we held the sheet of flowers above the brides head and walked her to the stage! Later we danced our way down with the mehndi! That was just a warm up for the long night of dancing ahead! Within a few days, I had not only learnt how to dance, but also made friends with several very interesting people! Since we had such a great time, those memories will be the ones remembered every time we meet. Now I feel a deep sort of connection with them. Sadly the wedding is over now, and everyone will have to get back to their work, return to their homes and carry on with life! The bride, a senior school fellow, was someone I knew only as a senior, but now she feels like the elder sister I never had! Yesterday at the Baraat, knowing that she’d be leaving the country, I felt sad that my elder sister won’t be around anymore.

I’m just grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to meet such fun-loving people! May the bride be happy forever, and may we get a chance to reminisce about the time we had again and again!


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