Passionless Dreamer

July 12, 2010

A dream without passion is like a forest without trees

A dream without passion is like a desert without sand

A dream without passion is like a sea without water

A dream is an illusion whereas the passion is what makes the dream a reality! It’s easy to dream, but achieving the dream is the real deal. Passion takes you from amateur to pro. Without it you become a jack of all and a master of none! In your dream you see yourself as a pro, nothing less. It is passion, the driving force, which gets you to go beyond the limits!

Sadly, I am a dreamer without passion! In my head, I see myself as a violinist, an adventurer, a photographer! But in reality, all I can do is, try for a day or two and then give up! I guess its less of giving up and more of being lazy! What gives me the right to be lazy, or to let go, thinking I don’t have it in me to go further? Allah has given me whatever I want and more, but it’s up to me to work hard, strive to become the best! Where is my passion? I ask myself this question again and again. Every time I see someone great, someone achieving their dreams, I wonder how they do it. And then all I come up with is that they have the passion and I don’t!

What is a life without passion? We start dreaming at a very young age, we wish to become pilots, doctors, artists when we grow up. But when we actually grow up it’s all so different. We get lost in useless activities, those that make us dull and lazy! I distinctly remember telling my mother, when I was little, that I don’t want to be like everyone else, living life in the ordinary way. The ordinary way being, studying, getting a job, raising a family and then withering away. I want to do something that will change the world! I want to do something that will do justice to my life!

I wish there was some way of learning to be passionate, or maybe a store where they sell passion in kilos, so that I could grab hold of some and actually get somewhere in life! Or maybe get inspired by someone who could spark that passion buried deep down inside me somewhere!

Oh Allah, please grant me the passion to bring about a change in my life so that I can change the world!


3 Responses to “Passionless Dreamer”

  1. kdee Says:

    Buying passion-sounds convenient enough 🙂
    …May we all inspire each other in one way or the other

  2. Tammy McLeod Says:

    You’ve hit upon a deep truth; talent plus passion equals giftedness. It is up to you to discover your passion. Writing appears to be a passion for you and writing is also a way for you to discover your passions. Change begins with a single step.

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