Withering Away

June 1, 2010

Times change, things are overlooked, and drop by drop the essence disappears. Why things mattered before? Why they don’t matter anymore? These are questions, one doesn’t bother thinking about. The true value of education, mannerism, humanity, and even beauty have been lost. It is sad how, we don’t even realize what we’ve done to ourselves.

Today I was listening to a lecture about the Life of the Prophet (SAW) by Hamza Yusuf. It was the first part of the lecture where he mentioned a few rules about his class, which got me thinking. He said that he preferred the clothing of the students, not be casual. This statement would spark rebellion in a majority of the youth today. They would argue that clothing has no effect on their studies and not for a second would they want to think why the teacher has made such a rule.  He went on to explain how a scholar used to take a bath, wear fresh clothes, put scent, burn some incense in the class, before teaching his students about the Prophet (SAW).

Why is a proper environment necessary when you are studying? Yes, studying about the Prophet (SAW) requires extra care. However, studying anything requires an environment which helps to induce a feeling of importance about the subject at hand. Without it, you will be able to gain the knowledge, but its value will be different from what it should be.

How is one suppose to create such an environment? Well it starts with the tiny things which we tend to overlook, as i mentioned earlier. Clothing, we go to university in jeans and t-shirts, everyone is looking cool and casual. Why do we go to university? To study subject like Calculus, Electronics, Operating Systems. Sound like some really serious stuff to me. Then why should we be casual to start with. Seeing everything so light and carefree makes the mind dull and you want to do anything but studying in that state of mind.

Just a few days ago, i read somewhere that if we concentrate on our Wudu (ablution), our concentration in prayer becomes better. It shows how important preparing for something is. So if we take a bath everyday, and concentrate on the fact that we are going to university for about 6 hours to gain knowledge that can be used for the benefit of humanity, then I think we’ll be able to concentrate in class better!

Most importantly, our intention! Why are we getting educated? To get a degree, earn good money, have a big house with a nice car, and everything else we dream about. But is that what education is for? Wasn’t it a way of gaining knowledge in order to become a respectable person, help mankind, bring a change to the world? I truly think, if the intention we have today for education was what the scientists, doctors, engineers, and philosophers had a century ago, we would have not been living in such an advanced world!

Its time to change. Go back a few centuries and see how the world use to be. Why was everything done in such an orderly fashion. Why the education then is so different from what it is now. Why did people stress on making good human beings rather than selfish animals, in universities? They too read books about Calculus, Philosophy, Biology. What did they do differently? What are we missing?

It’s a great thing looking at the future and what it has in store for us. But sometimes we have to look back and see what we’ve lost, and change the way we do what we do, before it’s too late! The past is full of lost treasures!!! Do we want to look back? Thats the question!


7 Responses to “Withering Away”

  1. Tammy McLeod Says:

    What an interesting contemplation. I think that we have much to learn from the past. Similarly, I know of people who are seeking work and they still get up and dress properly everyday. There are many who believe that our attire is reflective of our accountability and our performance.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Thank you!I really think the past had a lot of good that we’ve stopped doing. Now I understand why I like classical things so much. They had such quality and beauty in them!

  2. spotlesssoul Says:

    I just LOVED the way you started and ended it! =)

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Thanks Hira 🙂 But I personally feel that my writing has become a little less juicy than it was before 😦

      • spotlesssoul Says:

        What do you mean by ‘juicy’? O.o

        Tell me, are you yourself satisfied with your writing ability and thinking development?

      • ghaziaitizaz Says:

        Juicy as in….has that flow and quality in it. After this long break because of the papers I think I’ve lost that touch of juicyness 😛 I guess a few more posts and ill be back on track 🙂

      • spotlesssoul Says:

        I can now understand what you meant by that =) I myself am feeling myself to be under the shade of partial-writer’s block.

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