Am I Ready?

May 12, 2010

The pots are steaming, the food is ready to be put into the dishes. The cutlery is neatly set up on the dinning table with the fancy table-cloth. The drinks have been chilled, and the salad has been dressed. The guest’s will be here by eight o’clock.

My shirt has been ironed wrinkle free. My shoes are polished, and my tie has a perfect knot. I’ve gone through all the important details and my documents are complete. My interview starts at twelve o’clock.

I’ve practiced questions from every topic. I’ve crammed the important formulas and have gone through the notes. I have my stationary ready and my admit card in my wallet. My exam commences at nine o’clock.

Do you notice anything similar in the three scenarios mentioned above? They all come with a dead line, they all will have an impact on our life one way or the other, they all have been prepared for throughly.

Why am I so sure that my preparations are complete. I have no idea if the guests will be pleased by the food. I have no idea what the interviewer will ask me. And all the questions im my exam are unseen! Yet I spend day and night, worrying, losing sweat and blood and putting in my best effort for them all!

There’s one thing which will determine an eternity of agony or one of bliss. That thing  has no deadline, for all I know it could be before I place the full stop to this sentence. However, we have been provided with every cheat sheet, formula sheet, questioneer, and solution to succeed in it! Have we even bothered opening them up to at least see what we might be asked? Are we agitated, stressed out, on our toes trying to even pass?

He’s told us what pleases Him! He’s told us the questions to the interview! He’s told us the answers to those questions! This is the sign of unbound love! Just wanting that when that time comes, we pass, and be at peace, near Him forever!

Those guests might love the food, and might even decide to make family ties! That interview might get you the best job this world has to offer. That exam might win you an award that very few posses! But wait! How long can we enjoy those family ties? How long can we earn from that multinational company? How long can we boast about that award?  

The answer to those questions are not in anyones knowledges except His!

We might argue that its human nature to run after what we have lying in front of us and not what we don’t know of. But my friends, faith is also a part of human nature! Having faith that what He has in store for us is more important than anything we might think. That’s what faith really is!

I’m not saying that we should forget about the world and start preparing for our judgement that can knock at our door at any moment. All I’m saying is that we should at least be that prepared, that we pass on the margin line! Get a D grade. We do work for A grades for everything else, but passing with a D grade there will be a thing to rejoice about! We all know what failure will have in store for us!

So stop for a moment, and ask yourself one question:

Am I ready?


8 Responses to “Am I Ready?”

  1. Kazim Says:

    you are good at writing man, seriously …

  2. spotlesssoul Says:

    Am speechless young man! =) I really am out of my words.
    One of the bestest articles I have ever read so far! It’s not the selection of words that make it so genuine, but the purity of intentions =) Loved it.

  3. Tammy McLeod Says:

    ghazi – This is amazing and so true. Within all those situations of dinner prep, interviews, or an exam, we do our best in order to glorify Him.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      I am so happy about the fact that you always add positivity to my approach…you really helped me look at another aspect of what I was saying.
      Its all about the intention and even if we are doing all those things…if its to please Him…then its part of our other preperation too 🙂

  4. Mahwish Says:


    I have been following your blog on my goolgle reader for quite sometime now… Your writing is gifted by clarity and Intent.

    I would suggest you to take up writing more seriously….start reading about blogging more and try to develop a vision and mission to your blog….. that will really help your readers develop a following.

    Subscribe to the feed:

    A humble admirer and follower

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Thanks for the kind words and support….im glad that I have people who admire my work…I was thinking of taking it to another level too…but until i get done with my degree ill keep at it…then move onto something serious…its my way of getting relaxed, this blog….its been a great friend to me throughout this semester. Ill look in to that link….thanks again 🙂

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