May 7, 2010

Splash!!! I dived into the swimming pool! My happiness had reached the sky and not for a moment did I feel the discomfort of the cold water! As I came up, I shook my head and felt the drops roll down my face!

After the long wait for summer to arrive, the day had finally come to go swimming! I was thrilled to bits, even before I left home! I rushed in and out of the shower, and got to the pool as fast as I could! And into the water I dove! The best part about swimming is the diving! The freedom to jump and let gravity take you down into the water is just mind blowing…no fear of breaking bones…just let everything go and JUMP! AHH, the freedom!

After dozens of dives, I took a break by lying on my back in the water and looking at the sky! The clouds were perfect, silver lined, and dense! The world had become mute, with my ears in the water, all I could hear was the water pushing against my ear drums!

The back stroke is the best of all swimming techniques if you plan to relax! Just lay back and work your arms like paddles of a boat, and slightly paddle your feet to keep afloat! Paddle, flow, paddle flow, paddle flow…Eyes pointing to the sky and ears closed…prefect conditions to dream! Dream about walking on clouds! Dream about flying like the birds! Let the dreams go wild!

I wish I could stay in the pool all day! I LOVE TO SWIM 🙂


2 Responses to “SWIM SWIM SWIM”

  1. kdee Says:

    Me too..me too(love swimming) 😀
    What a coincidence it is,today after such a long gap i had the same feeling 😀

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