May 7, 2010

The sky is a great source of inspiration for me! The vast expanse, the clouds, the sun, the moon, and the stars! All of them are so facinating! Just today, looking up at the sky I noticed the most beautiful clouds; large, silver lined, and dense as ever! For a moment I felt like going up and walking on them, lying down on them! What an experience that would be I can only imagine!

I was driving home and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the sky. So I pulled over and started snapping. People on the street might have thought I’ve gone mad, but I had, I was just taken over by the extreme beauty of it all! When I reached home, I put down my bag and rushed to the roof to continue my snapping 🙂

But no matter which camera you use or how professional you are, you can never capture the true essence of Allah’s creations! Allah gave us two cameras of our own to capture and absorbe as much as we want and then realise how GREAT He is!

Dont forget to say SUBHANALLAH 🙂


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