Left? Right? Which way do I go?

May 2, 2010

“Our actions are what set things in motion, but we have to live with them.”

I heard this in a T.V serial I’ve been following, and it has got me thinking! Every single thing we do or say gives birth to an ongoing reaction. We might not notice it at first but sometimes it comes around and smacks you right in the face! A wise man would learn from his past and not repeat the same mistakes, but are we wise?

The start of every semester is bright and sunny, all pumped up to reach the sky. But even before we take off our engines give way to fun and games, distractions of all sorts, and before you know it we are unable to fly! I wonder why this happens? Is the destination we’re heading towards, hazy? Are we not sure of our goals? Have we even made goals?

Before setting out on a journey, knowing what you’ll be facing, the hardships that will come your way, preparing for them, and having an idea of the rewards that lie ahead, is really important. Without having this knowledge, its useless even thinking about taking the journey. And the constant repetition of this knowledge, is as essential! We are human beings, and we easily forget what we are doing. Reminding ourselves about it makes us get back into shape before it’s too late.

This analogy is applicable to us students, who step into each semester with very little knowledge about our journey and our destination, which makes us lose our way. By the middle of it all, we are in a state that we can only hope to survive and make it to where ever we’re headed. And instead of sailing in to the harbour like a majestic ship, we paddle our way in on our miserable rafts made of planks of regret and misery.

The shocking thing is that this analogy is applicable to our life as a whole, aswell! Life is a journey, and there are two destinations, I’m sure you know those very nicely. It’s what we do on our journey which determines which destination we’re headed towards. As I said earlier, everything we do or say is steering us to the left or right. Time, having a forward direction restricts us from turning back. It pulls us closer and closer to the destination. Staying awake and constantly referring to the map for directions is the best way to go about things.

You are the driver of your own life, don’t rely on anyone to take you with them because that’s not an option! Allah has provided us with the map and the ship! We can throw that map in the sea and climb onto a raft and let the tide take us where ever they desires. Wisdom is not required for this decision, sanity is! BE SANE AND MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!


2 Responses to “Left? Right? Which way do I go?”

  1. Zainab Murtaza Says:

    Very nice 🙂

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