A Trip to Remeber

April 22, 2010

The golden wheat fields glimmered in the sunlight under the blue sky! The wheat that had been harvested was wrapped into neat bundles and stacked here and there! Shepherds stood watching their goats wander about plucking twigs from trees and anything else that was green and juicy! After every few kilometers there we would pass a small town where children of all ages were returning home from school. At one point a van dropped a little boy who hopped up into an elderly man’s arms, I’m assuming it was his grandfather and happily went home. A flock of birds swooped here and there, their motion was like that of a school of fish!

Yesterday, my mother and I were invited to my friend’s sister’s wedding in his hometown, Khaur, about seventy kilometers from Rawalpindi! The drive was fabulous and so was the weather! Since there is a new airport being constructed between Khaur and Rawalpindi, the road was perfectly carpeted! So the journey was comfortable and scenic at the same time! A train track ran parallel to the road and on both sides there were wheat fields! The road slithered like a snake. A point came where there were several restaurants in a row. This seemed odd until we realised that there was a dam near by, and you know how people just love to picnic near water!

We reached Khaur, at the wedding venue right on time! Khaur has an oil field therefore its been developed quite a bit. Anyhow, the wedding went well. The food was great, especially the speciality of Khaur, the “Halwa” (a Pakistani desert which has a lot of varieties). The amazing thing about this specific Halwa was that it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and it wasn’t heavy at all! Most Halwas can only be eaten in small amounts, but this one was an exception! It was great to see my friend after a long time! After the ceremony, we decided that we should leave so that we reach home before sunset!

All the way I kept thinking of stopping and taking pictures of all the beautiful sights! But then it occurred to me that pictures never do justice. Words on the other hand are so much more magical in this sense! You read them today or after a year, you’ll be back in the same place, just the way it was! And music does the same. It’s odd how one can easily associate music to people and places! It feels great! So instead of stopping for pictures I just tried to absorb as much it as possible so that when I return home I could blog my heart out! And so, I have!

I’m not a person who likes long drives, but this particular drive was just marvelous! And I hope to drive to Khaur again!


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