Organisation is The Way to Go

April 8, 2010

If there’s one thing that makes everyone happy, its organisation! A distinct pattern in anything you see around you is soothing to the eyes. Wait it just occurred to me that it’s not only what you see, but also what you hear! Harmony, the orchestra is the perfect example! When several violins, violas and cellos make music out of a pattern of notes it makes wonders! In the contrary, anything that has no pattern or harmony, is mind-wrecking! Be it your room, or the entire country! Everything requires organisation!

Before I get into my own experiences, I’d like to mention that the importance is distinct in Islam. Namaz, five times a day, brings organisation into ones day. Why is congregational prayer encouraged, because it brings a sense of organisation when everyone lines up and follows one person in prayer! If you go to the mosque five times a day, and see the straight lines form in front of you, beside you, behind you, your mind will start to accept only that. Whenever you’ll see a neat arrangement of anything it will please you and whenever you’ll experience the contrary it will displease you!

People who do not have such a frame of mind don’t care whether anything is mess or in order, they just keep living away like animals…but wait even animals have set patterns of doing things. The ants, so tiny, so fragile, yet they are able to gather in thousands and dig through the ground and make colonies. They move in straight lines whether they are two or two thousand! Gather two thousand humans and try making them walk in a straight line, impossible!

If there is physical organisation then there is mental organisation and in turn emotional organisation. There is a vivid difference between the way an organised person thinks and the way a messy person thinks. Just like his surroundings, he either thinks systematically or haphazardly! Those who think systematically are able to achieve more as they do things step by step, even in their heads, before doing them!

One day I was passing through a narrow street which had shops to the left and right! As the car slowed down something caught my eye, it was a vegetable store! All the vegetables were stacked up neatly, looking fresh and clean! It was such a surprise to see such an organised store in the middle of the mess of a market I was in! It made me want to stop and start buying anything and everything they had because it looked so good!

Thanks to the categorisation I had done with my pictures I was able to find a picture that I took three years ago!

But what actually got me thinking about this topic was when I was looking for some tools in our tool room, all I could see were plastic bangs, wires, and everything else except what I was looking for! I started ripping everything out! It was so aggravating! And the only option I had left was to bring some order to that room! I pulled out everything, each and every nail! I took quite a while but the end result is what matters, next time anyone goes to find something there, at least they’ll find it or know that it isn’t there, clear from any doubt that it might be lying underneath some junk. I just hope it stays that way!

I’m reaching the conclusion that, the reason for agitation and anxiety in life is, the lack of organisation! In our surrounding, our doing, and our thoughts! And if you need to know where to start, open that cupboard, take out the book you’ve wrap away neatly in cloth, open it and read it, get to know what it’s says. I’ve only managed to read the translation of a few chapters but the little I have read has been very helpful are comforting! Why look anywhere else when the answers are right in front of you!


2 Responses to “Organisation is The Way to Go”

  1. Tammy McLeod Says:

    Excellent topic and your examples are very good. I call it structured framework but things like a regular schedule of prayer or a setting that is orderly really do bring peace and comfort internally. I’m curious about your blog title – Oragisation? is that a mistype or an intentional disorganisation? Thanks for the engaging read.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Oh thank you for correcting me, its a mistype. Ill correct that. Getting ones life organised is a difficult task however, its essential and I hope everyone who tries to do so, succeeds!

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