I Return

April 6, 2010

At last, after so many days, I’ve finally got time to return to blogging. It’s become such an integral part of me, that I feel there is something missing in my life when I’m not writing! And right now I’m having that feeling that one has when eating one’s favorite desert after many days, or meeting a close friend who you haven’t met in ages! I can feel the connections in my brain filling up with energy! What a wonderful feeling it is!

The past few weeks have been quite busy. The Psi Fi event at LUMS, and then the 2nd sessionals at university! Although becoming busy does get one’s mind of useless worries and anxieties, it also takes away the time one spends pondering over important stuff! However, my mind didn’t let me forget any thing. Even in all this hustle of events and papers, I worried about all useless stuff as well as the important ones. I learnt quite a few new things about myself, which was exciting although a little hard to digest.

For the first time, I feel that my mind is maturing. Or maybe I’m realising it right now. It’s a weird feeling. Hard to describe but I’ll give it a shot. I’ve been having these heated discussions with an uncle, I really admire, and consider more of a friend than an uncle! And he’s helped me in figuring out a lot of things about myself! Things that I don’t think anyone cares about these days. But, it’s so important to know one’s self to live a life of peace.

I’m still in the process of discovering myself, so I won’t put it down in words untill its not complete. I do not want to jump to any conclusions or misinterpret my objective. So you’ll have to give me a few more weeks. But till then I want you to ask yourself one question, the question that has caught me dumbfounded, “WHO ARE YOU?”, it might seem like a simple question, but trust me, it’s not! It’s the hardest one I’ve come across in my entire life!


4 Responses to “I Return”

  1. kdee Says:

    I know you enjoyed lums trip waaay more than giving sessionals 😛
    Do do do share what you conclude out of your on going thinking process…

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Yeah im looking forward to putting my thoughts into words! Its a great feeling, discovering ones self. Do ask yourself that question and tell me the answer you come up with!

  2. spotlesssoul Says:

    Welcome back to the world of exploration!:)

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