March 22, 2010

This is another piece I wrote a few years back. I thought I’d share it with you guys =)

The sky is God’s canvas on which he displays so many aspects of life! But do we ever look at it that way? We just consider it an atmosphere which protects us from the harmful effects of the sun and a source of water through rain!


It is not just that, it’s much more! We just have to look deeper into it! Allah talks to us through so many of His creations. We have to observe these things to bring quality into our lives and to become better from the inside!


The vast blue expanse of the morning sky is like the birth of a child! Free from pollution, dust and even clouds! Just like a baby free from the evil designs of mankind, no knowledge of anything, neither good nor bad! But it is not long till the clouds start forming different patterns in the sky! Each cloud represents a thought that sets in the immature, underdeveloped mind of the new-born. Some of them combine to form ideologies, which become permanent and stay with it for the rest of its life…till the end of that day! Is life longer than a day?


Some days there are more clouds in the sky, shades of black and white! Light and dark! The rays of the sun pierce through them like swords of warriors fighting their way through the battlefield! There are two aspects to that! One, which I prefer, that is, even in such an enigmatic life there is hope of finding your way through! It may seem very difficult and exhausting but there is a way out of its miseries! The second one, which is sad but true, that is, good and bad are both present at all times, everywhere, in everyone! It’s also a part of nature! In the Almighty’s blue print! But there are more clear days in the year than rainy ones, which means that good always outweighs bad!


When there is a rainbow in the sky…it can only mean one thing! The birth of a revolutionary! Someone who will defiantly bring a change to the world! The birth of such a being is seldom just like that of the rainbow’s appearance!


This was just the morning sky! The night sky is full of much more! The stars we see are those that have vanished from existence long ago! But there light still shines! Isn’t that the same thing that happens to an idea of a great thinker or philosopher? His thought floats in peoples lives for generations!


Every person born on the face of this earth has his life controlled by a workstation high up in space! The starts… why do u think there are so many? God has assigned one to each man or women born on the face of this earth! Up there, angels sit and plan out what we are to do, how we are to do it and when it is to be done! Our deed are also tabulated and kept safely, to be referred to later! But the ones we see up there are of those who have left this earth ages ago! Our stars will be seen by…wait I don’t think our stars will shine that much to be seen on earth because very few of us are that good to give our star such energy!     



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