Baffling Coexistence

March 16, 2010

And all things We have created by pairs, that haply ye may reflect. (49:Adh-Dhariyat)
Could one thing exist without its pair? Be it a physical or emotional entity, there is always another, balancing it out! Could a proton having a positive charge exist without an electron having the opposite charge? Could there be hatred without love? It’s the pair which proves the others existence! How would we know that a positive charge exists, if there were no negative charge being attracted by it? So its undeniable!
There are times when all you see is sadness, hopelessness sets in and you don’t understand why all of it is happening to you! Happiness is always somewhere near by, you just have to look around! You wouldn’t know how sadness feels if you had never experienced happiness and vice versa. The brighter side is that the next time happiness comes around it will be stronger! You will feel the difference!
The same applies to hatred, love is hiding somewhere around it! If you start looking at this concept with a little bit of positivity, you will start thanking Allah for sorrow, hatred, and all the things which make your life miserable! I’m happy today because I was sad yesterday! Therefore, I thank you Allah for yesterday’s sadness, for without it, I would not know today’s happiness! 
Why do we value life? It’s the existence of death that gives life that value!
Why do we value truth? It’s the existence of lies that gives truth that value!
Why do we value heroes? It’s the existence of villans that gives heroes that value!
It’s such a beautiful pattern, all of this! The coexistence is the balance! A world without it would be a world of chaos…but wait, what is chaos without harmony!  

4 Responses to “Baffling Coexistence”

  1. Ishba Shehzad Says:

    “Why do we value life? It’s the existence of death that gives life that value!
    Why do we value truth? It’s the existence of lies that gives truth that value!
    Why do we value heroes? It’s the existence of villains that gives heroes that value!”

    Very true 🙂 Indeed coexistence is the balance!

    P.S: Visiting your blog after such a long time, this post was definitely a treat ^^

  2. Tammy McLeod Says:

    I have a hard time with the “baffling coexistence”. I don’t disagree and know from experience that the existence of illness makes me relish in good health. I guess I don’t want to think that there has to be a counterpoint to everything such as truth. At any rate, it is a good post that is causing me to think.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      I wrote this post for people and myself to realise that life is not always going to be a sad one…happyness and love will come around some day! 🙂
      But just yesterday I realise that the opposite is always there too…i was happy for a few days….and then depression stepped in! Its just the way things work. I guess there’s no running away from it! However, we can keep this fact in mind in the positive sense and ignore the negative one, for our comfort!

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