Never Miss a Moment

March 11, 2010

Happy, excited, sad, irritated, angry, agitated! So many different emotions! And the past few days have been full of them!  It’s interesting how one can switch from one to the other within moments! That’s why it’s so important to be grateful to Allah for the happiness at that very moment, to ask Allah for help for your sadness at that very moment, to beg Allah for mercy for your anger at that very moment. The very next moment, you might feel differently, and forget to do any of those! And after a while you’ll feel some other emotion, the process will go on, and by the end of the day you’ll have all these thank you’s and sorry’s to say to Allah, you’ll be tired and say “I’ll do them tomorrow with the others”. Who knows tomorrow! Will tomorrow come? Then why are we so confident at the end of the day that we can leave our prayers to tomorrow!

From all this, I realised a few very essential things. One, life is unpredictable, so live every moment as if your last! Two, I guess one says it all but, life is a random process, accept it, it’ll go up, down or stay constant, that’s just the way it is! Three, remember your final destination, don’t leave its preparation for another day, because your eternity depends on it!

Showing your gratitude, saying you’re sorry, asking for help, is something you do everyday with people around you! Just for once, forget saying thank you to someone for something they’ve done for you, see how they’ll react. The general attitude would be that, that person will avoid helping you again, will make up his mind that you’re a ungrateful person and might even tell others how self-centred you are! Just for once, get in a fight or be bad to someone, see how they’ll react. In this case, that person might never talk to you again, will make up his mind that you’re a cruel and insensitive person, and you’ll be known as the stain in that persons crowd. Everyday, and I say it with a 100% guarantee, that most of us do this with Allah! But He is the MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL! He doesn’t hold grudges, you make a mistake, He waits for you to ask forgiveness! He gives you a healthy life, He waits for you to be greatful! You forget, or you don’t care, He still waits!

He loves us more than 40 mothers! He doesn’t hate us for our mistakes, He doesn’t punish us for our misdeeds! He has given us a life, to make mistakes, do wrong, and then ask for forgiveness! He gives and gives and gives, so that we be greatful! He puts us in trails, so we ask Him for help! But there’s one thing that He hasn’t told us…when our time will be up!

So please, don’t wait and don’t make Him wait! Say THANK YOU when you’re happy! Say SORRY when you’re angry! Say HELP ME when you’re sad!

He’ll never let you down!


3 Responses to “Never Miss a Moment”

  1. kdee Says:

    So true 🙂

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