One Step Closer

March 8, 2010

Practice makes perfect! Whoever said that, sure was right! Those who have read my first blog entry know that it’s always been my desire to express myself verbally, in front of crowds! Today, I feel that I’ve started climbing the staircase to my goal. Thanks to a friend of mine who forced me into entering the IFDC(Intra-FAST Debating Championship). Stage fright has been a hinderance to my expression. On stage, its your time to speak, and that is the time when you can get people to actually give your words a thought! If you fail, then its pretty hard to gather people and tell them about how you feel about things.

IFDC has been a platform for me to actually develop my abilities, overcome my fears and learn to bring forward, my point of view, to people. Although the crowd is just of a hand full at this stage, however its a great start. As I said before, I’ve started climbing the staircase, there’s still a long way to go. But if you don’t get onto the first step, I doubt you’ll reach anywhere.

At first, I had a lot of negative vibes about it. At one point I had come to the conclusion that debating is not my thing. It hasn’t worked out for me so I guess I shouldn’t persue it! But I was wrong. With a little bit of effort of making up my mind, I made a decision that I won’t regret! InshAllah!

Now I really feel that a university is much more than just academics! It helps you become a well-rounded person! And debating is a very positive aspect of it! It teaches you to prove your point, convince others that what you are saying is right. Not giving in to what the others have to say. Taking a stand! So very important! A moral and confidence booster! For one to succeed in this highly competitive world, all these qualities are necessary! Otherwise, if people find out you’re easily suppressible, then they’re going to roll over you and leave you there flat on the ground!

Every moment is one that you should learn from. Again referring to an older post about utilising time to its fullest. If you gain something from every moment of your life then surely those moments are not wasted! It’s not necessary that you do something physically to achieve well spent time, in fact, learning is way more fruitful! Why? Because no one can steal it from you! It’s yours to keep till your last breath! And if, spread further by you, turns into a never-ending bank account of good deeds, its Sadqa-e-Jariya! Till the end of time, if that knowledge you spread is beneficial to anyone, it’s added to that account!

Sorry from drifting away from what I was saying, but the point here is that today I feel great about the progress I’ve made towards my destination. A few weeks ago, when I started this blog I wanted to be able to speak about how I feel and make a difference!

…Allah never lets me down!


10 Responses to “One Step Closer”

  1. Tammy McLeod Says:

    congratulations on stepping out and speaking. As you said, every moment is one that you should learn from and practice does make perfect. In fact, I’m planning to blog on this topic a bit later.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Thank you so much! They say, you live and you learn! Its most beneficial when you either apply or spread your knowledge. Otherwise there’s no use of that knowledge…and this is one way in which I can spread my knowledge, by blogging about it 🙂

  2. Waqar Says:

    nice going bro.

  3. Tariq Says:

    Good job, you have learned a very important skill for success today. That is simply throwing yourself in regardless of your fears and inhibitions and making the most of whatever you have to tackle a situation. That is exactly what it takes to stand up in front of people for the first time and speak your mind, you simply cannot put in enough preparation for something like that. Good going!

  4. syed muhammad shomail hussain Says:

    hey ghazi nice page

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