The True Light

March 5, 2010

There’s so much out there! It’s in every crack and corner of this universe! It’s so powerful, it’s so satisfying! It’s KNOWLEDGE!

From the stone age to cyber space! From sticks and stones to laser guided weapons! From caves to concrete jungles! It’s KNOWLEDGE!

The cure for the fatal diseases,the cure for the common cold! The elimination of smallpox, the elimination of leprosy. Diagnosing through symptoms to pin pointing the cancer! It’s KNOWLEDGE.

Considering women as a loss to making them the key to a brighter future! Slaves, chains and shackles to human rights and social securities! It’s KNOWLEDE.

Without it, we are useless! Without it, we will rot! It’s a gift from Allah. It’s the golden pot!

Whether we gain it or not, that’s up to us! But those with it get honour! They are the light! Those without it, are a lost cause! They are the dark!

The choice is your! There’s a lot to gain and such little time! The choice is obvious! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!


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